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About Us

Commercialized in 2013, Ad Orbit is a platform used by publishers around the world to operate a media business from initial customer contact to final layout and production. As part of the Fry Family Network and developed by Aysling, Ad Orbit incorporates the knowledge and expertise of publishing professionals with decades of experience in traditional and digital publishing as well as sales.

Our Ann Arbor, Michigan-based product team helps ads revenue-based businesses work more efficiently.

With development engineers, project managers, customer success specialists, and more, we build solutions for publishers, agencies, and advertisers. Since opening our doors and launching our platform, Ad Orbit has more than tripled in size, and each new addition was made to strategically support the success of our customers. 

Our primary goal is to continually evolve the technology that powers Ad Orbit and assist clients in getting started on the a better way to work. All additions and updates to the platform are directed from feedback from our clients; Ad Orbit is truly made for publishers, by publishers.

Ad Orbit is the only media publishing solution that any publisher needs to run every department of their publishing business.

michael scott caricature

Michael Scott

Regional Manager

mark landowski caricature

Mark Landowski

Director of Technology

boba fett caricature

Boba Fett

Debt Collector

nick pataro caricature

Nick Pataro

Sales Director

Rudy Pataro


jenny oister caricature

Jenny Oister

Account Executive

cassie pataro caricature

Cassie Pataro

QA Analyst

bill murray caricature

Bill Murray


brook williams caricature

Brook Williams

Software Engineer

thanos caricature


Budget Analyst

joe carr caricature

Joe Carr

Support Analyst

keith walter caricature

Keith Walter


arynne mckenzie caricature

Arynne McKenzie

Support Analyst

dan thurston caricature

Dan Thurston

Software Engineer

kathy kuehling caricature

Kathy Kuehling

Support Analyst

shalyn ormsby caricature

Shalyn Ormsby

Support Analyst

antoine sledge caricature

Antoine Sledge

Software Engineer

colin duyck caricature

Colin Duyck

Software Engineer

carrie bodenmiller caricature

Carrie Bodenmiller

Finance Director

dave fry caricature

Dave Fry


ron swanson caricature

Ron Swanson


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