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From Fiction to Functional: How AI is Transforming the Publishing Industry


Join us as we explore the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the publishing sector. From high-level insights to actionable takeaways, we’ll dive deep into how AI is reshaping every aspect of the industry and what you need to know to empower every functional group within your company.

Integration Webinar: Outsource Your Ad Design to 032 Outsourcing

45 Minutes

Learn how to connect your MagHub platform to the team at 032 Outsourcing to automatically hand off excess work when you and your team are feeling overwhelmed.

Mastering the Art of Selling Long-Term Ad Contracts with Ryan Dohrn

60 Minutes

Join us for an insightful conversation with Ryan Dohrn – coach, motivational speaker, and ad sales extraordinaire, as we delve into the art of securing long-term contracts.

Digital Revenue Growth Made Easy – AdCellerant + Ad Orbit Joint Webinar

45 Minutes

Want to grow your ad revenue with an agile solution? Learn how AdCellerant and Ad Orbit can help you drive success by converting more sales.

FREE Webinar
Sales Commission Panel with Ad Orbit

60 Minutes

Learn how to plan, design, and execute a strategic sales commission structure that accelerates growth and helps you scale longterm. 

Adventures in Ad Management: Boosting Sales Teams Success

45 Minutes

Are you struggling to track, manage, and maximize your ad inventory? If you’re tired of spreadsheets, convoluted workflows, and missed revenue this webinar is for you.

Proving Your Ad Campaign Effectiveness with the Right Tech Tools

60 Minutes

Are you accurately measuring your ad campaigns? Learn how to properly measure and prove your campaign effectiveness with the right tools and strategy.

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