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Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Ad Orbit is a product of Aysling Solutions, responsible for providing software solutions for managing complex operational processes. Ad Orbit is the innovative, adaptive CRM/ERP and publishing workflow tool that helps media publishers improve their media businesses, whether they’re print or digital. Based in the cloud, Ad Orbit is easy to deploy, use, and manage and offers top-level support and assistance to all clients who may need it. Ad Orbit is the only media publication CRM/ERP/Publishing Tool any publisher needs to run a successful business from sales to production.

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MagHub 101: The Facts

With the crowded software marketplace, it’s hard to determine which tool to choose; it’s even harder to determine the facts vs. fiction regarding the various titles out there. With the facts below, you’re sure to get the transparency you need regarding Ad Orbit, the all-in-on Magazine CRM and Publishing tool.

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Fact: Ad Orbit has custom integrations with services from Adobe, Microsoft, MailChimp, MediaRadar, and many more.


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Fact: MagHub has a 100% U.S. based staff; that utilizes live chat, email, and phone support. 

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Fact: Ad Orbit is integrated with MailChimp and Constant Contact, and has a built-in mail-merge system powered by Mandrill.

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Fact: Search/Report filters can be customized and saved. Contact results can then be added to e-mail lists automatically.

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Fact: Ad Orbit offers a desktop-view on tablets and offers a mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

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Fact: Ad Orbit has been updated on the 2nd Tuesday of every month for the last five years, and will continue to do so.

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Fact: Ad Orbit offers on-site training, monthly webinars, support documents, Ad Orbit University sessions, and many other resources in Help Center.

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Fact: Users can delete invoices and payments and can create reports on deleted invoices. Relevant revenue recognition and audit controls are enforced for any financial modifications.

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Fact: Importing custom Company/Contact data costs a flat rate of $750. If using one of our additional 25 data importers, it can be free. Additional hourly rate based upon need.


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Fact: Ad Orbit’s REST API is available for all Ad Orbit users to enjoy.

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Fact: Many clients have custom features created solely for their company/publications.

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Fact: Ad Orbit has an integrated, custom-built automation tool engine.

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Fact: Ad Orbit integrates with Issuu and is the only North American Purple DS provider. Ad Orbit’s corporate parent, Fry Communications, also provides GTxcel, BlueToad, and other digital publishing solutions.

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Fact: Ad Orbit has 100+ ‘canned’ reports available. Users have the option to purchase Data Warehouse access for an abundance of data/information that can be used with ad-hoc BI tools.

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Fact: Ad Orbit offers MagBuilder, a fully-integrated, core-component layout/pagination tool. Users can also use the custom Adobe InDesign plugin that integrates directly with Ad Orbit.

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