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2019 Trends in ERP Solutions

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 02/04/2019

Just as with about any new technology, many businesses have yet to fully embrace the power of ERP software: they may have separate tools they’ve been using for years that “do the job” in bits and pieces, and so they see no reason to upgrade.

But when it comes to saving money and time, an ERP is a tool that’s hard to beat. In the parlance of a few decades ago (where your company’s software solutions still may be living), an ERP is da bomb because it can assist with every single part of your business: accounting, HR, sales, customer support, distribution, procurement, and more.

Naturally, here at MagHub, we urge you to consider purchasing our end-to-end ERP/CRM software for publishers. To help entice you to do so, take a look at what we believe are a few of the top 2019 trends in ERP solutions, and how they can help you. 

Connected Devices

Connected devices.

You’ve no doubt heard of the Internet of Everything (IoT) and taking a page from technology as used in the personal assistant space – we believe ERPs connected to such assistants as Alexa will allow you and your employees to “talk” to your ERP. This connectivity has been around for a few months and we expect it to really take off this year.


A massive migration from installed software to cloud-based systems.

Old-school ERP solutions tended to have been installed on your servers. If you haven’t moved to a cloud-based CRM/ERP, you soon will! The cost savings (no more hardware) by doing this one thing alone will be a game changer.



Lots of terrific analytics, just waiting to be parsed – and used.

As connectivity increases and the collection of data with the help of IoT grows exponentially as  result, companies will have a wealth of analytics to sort – and then put to good use – with their ERP solution. Result? Better business decisions and strategies.



Additional security processes. 

As everything becomes connected to everything else and data storage is increasingly cloud-based, security naturally becomes a huge issue. In fact, it well could be the issue when it comes to moving to a cloud ERP solution and any business moving to or adding to its ERP will need to maintain a laser focus on maintaining security as well as compliance with outside requirements (such as GDRP for those businesses that target European Union customers).



Consumer solutions will find their way to business.

And what we mean by “consumer solutions” is wearable tech such as smart watches, fitness trackers, etc. The technology that helps consumers track or research….pretty much whatever they want to track or research, soon will make its way to an ERP near you, helping your business save time, make more sales, manage your workforce and….pretty much help you do whatever you want to do in your business.

We call MagHub’s software solution a CRM, but it’s truly much more: it’s more ERP in its power and what it provides your publishing enterprise. Whether you publish on- or off-line, let us know what goals you have for your magazine and we’ll tell you how we can help you meet them.

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