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3 Social Media Hurdles for Publishers

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Written by Aysling

Published: 10/02/2015

Donna Vienna (@DonnaVieira) on Publishing Executive (@pubexec) gives advice on overcoming the top 3 hurdles for publishers. 1) Lack of followers and interactions, 2) Lack of time and resources, 3) Complaints. The advice she gives is worth following, but is not without warning. The thing about social media is that it is *social*, and it’s very easy to lose sight of that.

A truly scientific approach understands that data-driven “metrics” can only disprove approaches, not prove them. The narratives we use to engage with customers are far more sophisticated than the tactics we employ to achieve outcomes. We don’t go to cocktail parties and interact with people as if they are a statistic to be manipulated. Likewise, disgruntled Twitter users and enthusiastic Facebook denizens are not numbers, they are people. Donna avoids this pitfall by focusing on generic advice rather than trying to introduce a “hack.”


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