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5 Media Conferences Every Media Publisher Needs to Attend (2022 Edition)

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Written by Aysling

Published: 08/11/2022

Each year, media organizations hold various conferences and conventions for media publishers. These media publishing conferences are a valuable source of ideas and information about the industry, as well as a great place to network.

Here are a few media publishing conferences that you shouldn’t miss. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

The Niche Media Conference

This annual event provides resources for practical education and training to help enhance revenue growth. It covers all types of media– B2B, B2C/consumer, digital publications, podcasting, niche content creation, city and regional media, and newspapers. The goal is to help publishers generate more revenue.

The Niche Media Conference is the largest get-together of niche media publishers, salespeople, and media marketing professionals in the country.

The next conference is scheduled for New Orleans on April 26-28, 2023.

The gathering features more than 25 breakout training sessions, all focused exclusively on ways to generate new revenue. There are also interactive workshops covering digital revenue growth strategies, sales, and strategies to grow an audience.

There are tracks for publishers, ad sales, marketing and event revenue, and tech. The publisher’s track focuses on how to generate new revenue. The tech track covers new digital trends and tactics to boost digital revenue. The ad sales track focuses on sales training, integrated packages, best practices, finding new clients, and closing deals. And the marketing track covers subscription/membership marketing and online engagement, as well as selling sponsors.

The Media Growth Summit

This event is geared to media professionals, everyone from the C-Suite and senior management to managers of digital technology, sales and marketing, and editorial.

The conference offers insights from B2B media industry insiders, news of the latest and most productive industry practices, resources and tools to improve company effectiveness, and a plethora of networking opportunities.

Some of the topics discussed at the last conference include recruiting, motivating, training, and retaining talent, becoming a business intelligence company, the next generation of editorial professionals, and branding.

City and Regional Magazine Association Annual Conference

The goal of the CRMA annual conference is to enhance the professional development and training opportunities for member magazines, as well as expanding opportunities to exchange information and ideas.

The Association looks to establish high journalistic standards and to compile research and data on the industry for its membership.

The Alliance of Area Business Publishers

The Alliance is an organization of more than 70 publications with the goal of delivering customized regional business news to more than 1.2 million business professionals in the United States, Canada and Australia. The alliance also provides marketing services, communication services, lobbying, educational programs, and helps with new business development.

Each year the organization offers a fall workshop with seminars, speakers, and roundtables. This year’s workshop is in Chicago. Some of the sessions include topics like sustaining sales momentum, employee engagement and retention, an event sponsorship roundtable, and technology trends to save time and money.

Parenting Media Association Annual Convention and Awards Ceremony

The Parenting Media Association is a national trade association of regional parenting media companies that publish magazines, websites, and e-newsletters, along with events scheduled all across America and around the globe.

The association offers news and information not available in local newspapers or national parenting magazines. Parents depend on the association for information on local education, summer camps, family health, child care, family activities and other events.

The annual convention features keynote speakers, roundtable discussions, networking opportunities, and sponsor showcase presentations. This year’s event is in Denver, Colorado from November 10-13.

Topics covered at past conventions include new ways to engage and build an audience, the changing face of grandparents, how to put together an effective digital strategy, and how to amplify social media reach.

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