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Ad Management in MagHub

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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 10/01/2020

Many print and even online publications rely on ad sales (as well as subscriptions) for revenue.

And, while subscriptions are up for digital magazines and newspapers (particularly since the start of the pandemic) it’s wise to also sell ads for additional revenue, even though advertising spending is down (also due to the pandemic).

This just makes it smart to offer both subscriptions and sales: you diversify your revenue as a result.

MagHub’s ad management capabilities help you capture your share of ad revenue

Our cloud-based CRM/ERP for publishers lets you sell ads in print and in online publications (in the form of banner ads, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, and pop-ups). Both types of publications also can offer advertorials, event sponsorships, and more.

For example, if you also put on events such as seminars, conferences, subscriber travel opportunities, etc. you can partner with an advertiser to sponsor all or part of it, helping you defray costs and make additional revenue above the event’s expenses.

Just some of MagHub’s digital ad management capabilities

Our CRM/ERP can help you manage:

 Rate cards for the costs of different ads dependent on their location in your publication (print or digital) as well as their size.
• The creation invoices/ad orders to send to advertisers automatically.
• Your prospects, contacts and leads.
 Logging emails and sales calls and even prompts your sales team members with to-do’s client notes and next steps.

Go a step further and streamline both your sales management activities as well as the sales themselves

MagHub’s ad sales management module lets you create actual sales funnels (yes, we’re boldfacing and italicizing this feature) so that your ad reps and managers know exactly what steps to take and when depending on where a prospect is in their buyer’s journey with you.

Additional ad/sales management capabilities include the ability to:

 Create detailed sales forecasts easily and quickly using stored customer, prospect, and sales data.
• Use the ad management dashboard’s widgets to help your sales people and administrators create reports as well as “to-do next” activity lists.
• Create customer/prospect email campaigns depending on where they are in your sales funnel. (MagHub integrates easily with email management services providers Constant Contact and MailChimp.)
 Allow sales reps to make work orders quickly for designers, writers, and other administrative workers.

As for sales order management….

 Members of your advertising sales team can quickly create interactive proposals with your company’s logo and even with rate cards that conform to your particular ad rates. Because the proposals are interactive, prospects and your sales reps can work together online to subtract/add items on the proposals.
• Clients can view and approve their orders online (via digital signatures) within MagHub itself.
• Invoice your subscribers/advertisers and even process their payments online.
• And much more.

An efficient ad management structure equals more revenue

Automate a large or even small part of your ad sales process, and you will find it much easier to guide your digital publishing enterprise into becoming a high-performing sales machine. In fact, “sales automation is key to boosting revenue and reducing costs.”

Learn more about how MagHub’s ad management software can help your print or online publication earn more revenue.

MagHub features an advertising sales CRM, subscription manager, flatplanning system, and so much more.

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