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Cold calling made easier

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Written by Tom Bellen

Published: 02/04/2015

No one wakes up in the morning and says “HURRAH, time to make cold calls!” At MagHub, we can’t make you love cold calling, but we can help make it more efficient. And while you may never love cold calling, you will love the results.

MagHub has created a new cold call feature to make the process of finding and making sales easier. Users can search their contact list in MagHub to create cold call campaigns, assign call lists to oneself or other users in the system and even break up those calls over a period of days.

When you go to make the call, you will have three options: schedule a follow-up meeting, leave the contact on the call list, or remove the contact.

MagHub will schedule the person for a call back based on system configuration and keep a record of how many calls you attempted for each contact. This feature will make it easy to know where your prospects are in the sales process.

This is only the beginning to making your cold calling easier. In 2015, we will add the ability to initiate calls from MagHub, record transcripts of calls, and track cold call success rates.

To learn more about this feature and other ways MagHub will simplify your life, sign up for a free demo.

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