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Drip Campaigns…. Just for Marketing?

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 09/11/2019

Here’s a terrific “fun” fact: automated email campaigns – often known as “drip campaigns” as well as lead nurturing – can net you as much as 20 percent more sales opportunities.

Problem is, according to the author linked above, that 85 percent of marketing professionals aren’t happy with such performance: they want MORE sales opportunities! 

Can’t blame them, of course! 

Here’s How to Improve Your Drip Campaigns


First, a bit of primer on these types of emails: the concept is truly simply, as drip campaigns are pre-created emails that go out on a set schedule, in a certain order. For example:

  Someone takes you up on an offer of a free report and you send them a thank you email as soon as they give you their email address. (This email often includes a link to the free report, or has it attached.)

 • Your email automation program (sometimes an ERP system such as MagHub) then sends out another email three or four days later, on perhaps important areas of your website, such as your Contact, About, and Services pages. 

 • Your campaign will then send out another three or four more days after the second. What is the subject of this email? You could send your new subscriber links to your top three blog posts.

Taking a Look at Some Drip Campaign Ideas for a Media Publisher

You’re either a publisher, or work in marketing or ad sales for a publisher. Different emails for your drip campaign could be: 

 • Emails sent as a result of someone signing up for a conference or forum you’ll be hosting. You’ll send these emails to both attendees and sponsors/vendors. The thank you for registering/becoming a sponsor first; a message with a link to a page of your website that provides FAQs next; your third email could be a list of nearby hotels and ideas for sightseeing; a fourth email could be links to blog posts about topics that will be discussed at the forum/conference and/or links to blog posts written by your speakers; another email could be highlighting three or four different vendor booths that will be at the conference; and so on.

 • You’ll send emails to someone who has subscribed to your blog or downloaded a free ebook in exchange for their email address. The first email is a thank you (plus access to the free item). Ideas for additional drip campaign emails were mentioned above, yet some others also could include (after the first few emails): offers of a free report that speaks to their needs, asking them for referrals or testimonials, an offer of a free or paid course that teaches them a skill or provides them information they need, and so on.

  You also could send a few “missing” you emails to those subscribers who haven’t downloaded a free book, attended a conference, purchased a service from you, etc.

The best drip campaigns are those created via collaboration among your publishing company’s, editorial, marketing and sales teams: sales/marketing especially have certain needs and are looking for ways to improve leads and sales. A good drip campaign can increase both!

MagHub ERP’s automation module can help you send out successful email drip campaigns as well as sending newsletters to your different subscriber segments. Our ERP also can personalize and segment your emails depending on who the recipients are (magazine subscribers or potential advertisers, for example) or – in the case of those potential advertisers – where they are in your sales funnel. The other benefit of combining your drip campaign/automation tactics within your CRM, is that you can create tasks such as to-do’s, follow-ups, etc. as well as create tasks using our various integrations such as Slack.

Feel free to call us at 734-997-9500 to learn more about how MagHub can help you with your sales efforts. You also may reach us at info@adorbit.com or by using our online contact form, featured below.

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