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Five Questions to Ask When Purchasing a New Piece of Software

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 10/11/2019

If you now are or soon will be in the market for a new piece of software, we know how much you’re going to think about it. We know that software – such as an ERP/magazine manager such as MagHub, can be “not inexpensive,” and so we understand that your purchase (as we say in the inbound/digital marketing world) is a highly “considered” one. And – whoooo boy! – are you going to consider it:

– You’re going to research it.
– Read about it.
Ask tons of questions.
Check out many software providers.
– As you get answers, you’ll find yourself asking even more questions.
Compare one or more ERP/CRM software solutions to the nth degree.
– And so on.

To help you research your software options, we’ve put together five questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line. Take a look below (and took the liberty of answering some of them for you).


What does the company’s peers say about it?

Naturally any SaaS provider probably will post only positive reviews on their website. This makes perfect marketing sense: why would any savvy business owner or marketer place a negative review on their website?

Instead, look for objective reviews on the appropriate review sites. Capterra.com and G2.com are good for CRM, ERP, and other SaaS providers. (Here are some reviews on Capterra)

How often do they update their system?

 We, for example, update our software the second Tuesday of every month.



What makes any particular system stand out from the others?

MagHub, for example, is a magazine manager that works whether your publication is print or digital (or both). It’s easy to use and we offer incredible support (in our not-so-humble opinion). Most importantly, you will need no other CRM or ERP tool to run your publishing enterprise, from sales, to production, HR/freelancer management, other back office operations, and more.

How does it integrate with other software providers?

The easier a magazine manager integrates with other providers (email, social media, marketing tools, accounting software, online payment services, and more), the faster your company will grow.

How will it help your business grow?

You’re going to be making a big investment in your CRM/ERP software. You should know clearly how it’s going to help your business grow. In addition, it’s wise to understand a possible ROI and here’s some very good news: according to Nucleus Research, the CRM industry’s overall ROI is $8.71 for each $1 spent by those who purchase/use this type of software.

This type of ROI certainly should have you looking at the increased revenue you’ll see as a result of purchasing a new piece of CRM/ERP software, rather than its cost!

Let us help you answer your questions. Call us here at MagHub at 734-997-9500 to learn more about our all-in-one SaaS/magazine manager. If you prefer, reach out to us info@adorbit.com or by filling out the Request Information form up top. 

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