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Free Webinars for Publishers

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 09/23/2020

We love free webinars! We love creating them for our publishing clients and we love presenting them.

We’ve been offering free MagHub and general CRM software webinars for years (long before the pandemic) and we intend to keep on keeping on for the foreseeable future, now and when “all this” is in our global rear view mirrors.

That said, we  record  the software webinars we’ve offered in the past, and all of them are still available on our GoToMeeting.com account. Which means you can access them!

And we hope you do!

Here are our top five free webinars, with links for you to access them.

Time Saving CRM Tips

Time-Saving CRM Tips

Just a bit less than 22 minutes in length, this webinar provides tips on how to use MagHub’s CRM for lead  gen, making calls in MagHub, sending emails and texts in MagHub, and how to create (and mark as done) daily  sales calls to-dos and reminder. We also go over the new MagHub dashboard.

We discuss the outside vendor costs of sending emails/texts and making phone calls in MagHub. We then do a step-by-step how-to tutorial on how to perform the tasks mentioned above, as well as how to create call/text/email notes regarding results or conversations, searching for specific contacts, creating an email template,  and so on.

Portals! Portals! Portals!

Portals, Portals, Portals

A bit longer than the time-saving tips webinar (about 35 minutes long), our portals webinar covers MagHub’s vendor, client and subscribers portals. And don’t worry: the portals are included in each MagHub module.

Some of the things you’ll learn are how to sign a document in real time in a portal, how to assign artwork to a work ticket, how to start a discussion thread between you and your clients in a portal, how to assign your favorite freelancer/contractor to a client project, how to get your contractors/vendors their own sign-in and portal within MagHub, and how they can send you their artwork work/articles, etc. to you via MagHub.

(Note: the best thing to do is to move ahead to about time stamp 3:40 as we logged in a bit early when we first held the webinar and needed to wait until folks had joined us before we actually started the webinar.) 

Google Ad Manager Webinar

Managing Digital Media (and Google Ad Manager Integration)

You can click on our digital media webinar and watch a mother rhinoceros and her calf for a few minutes, or just move your cursor to time stamp 4:30 for the actual start of this approximately 31-minute webinar (including rhino viewing).

This seminar shows you how to create ads for Goggle ads while in MagHub. In fact, the seminar includes the creation of an ad and ad budgets in real time.

Adobe InDesign Integration

Adobe InDesign Integration

Our 31-minute webinar on Adobe InDesign (starts at about time stamp 2:00) covers how MagHub integrates with InDesign, including the ZXP installer we will send you to install the plug-in.

Additional topics covered include:

– Taking graphics and other artwork created in InDesign through the approval process.
– Keeping track of graphics/artwork as different elements are placed in your publication while using MagBuilder.
– Viewing tear sheets (and approving them), viewing and approving invoices affiliated with particular ads.
– How MagHub can affect your workflow, checking to make sure that the right salesperson receives the proper commission for the correct ad.
– And more!

MagHub's Zapier Integration

MagHub’s Zapier Integration

This fifth free webinar discusses integrating Zapier with MagHub. (Once again, if you’d like to skip the rhino viewing, move the cursor to time stamp to about 4:15.)

The webinar discusses what Zapier is and how you can leverage  its power with MagHub and the different things you can do with it.

What things? How about:

– Uploading/integrating a phone picture of a business card into your MagHub contacts database?
– Moving information entered into a contact form and making it a Zap (and integrating it with MagHub)?
– And a lot more in this approximately 30-minute webinar (includes times viewing the wonderful rhinos).

Check out our free webinars!

They’re free. They’re short(ish) and you’ll learn a lot about MagHub’s capabilities and how well the platform integrates (and plays well with) many of the other platforms your publishing company already uses. 

If there’s a particular MagHub feature, portal or module you’d like to see in a future software webinar, let us know at info@adorbit.com.

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