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Great Places to Stay Up to Date on the Media Publishing Industry

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Written by Aysling

Published: 08/25/2022

If you want to stay up to date on the latest issues, ideas, and trends in the media publishing industry, there are some great platforms to help you do this. These media publishing news sites are chockablock with interesting short-form and long-form feature articles, news, advice, and events for those in the industry.

Some of the most prominent sites include AdMonsters, Adweek, Niche Media Events, What’s New In Publishing, and Digiday. Together they cover just about every aspect of the media publishing industry. Here’s a breakdown on each of them.


AdMonsters bills itself as the go-to industry resource for advertising and revenue operations people. This site offers content and conferences for people who manage, analyze, and track digital advertising campaigns for digital media brands.

Their audience includes people who work for digital publishers, agencies, connected TV brands, newsletters and podcasts, in other words, any digital medium where ad dollars are spent. It’s a place for tech nerds, revenue geeks, and operations gurus.

Recent articles include a discussion by a group of ad tech execs on Google’s pushing back the third-party cookie cut off, disruption in targeted advertising, sales and ad ops best practices for collaboration.


This platform promises a tight focus on media, advertising, technology, and branding. It covers publishers that are breaking news. Adweek claims a network of in-house journalists, freelancers, contributors, and industry insiders. They advertise data-driven stories about media sales, viewership, audience behaviors, and how brands are adapting to the digital age.

Articles include the ways in which Cafe Media recovered millions of dollars through ad block recovery, the debut of an AI-based content recommendation tool, and an article with charts showing how Facebook traffic to publishers has changed.

Niche Media Events

The mission of this platform is to help publishers generate revenue from print and digital products as well as sales and events. Niche Media offers live conferences, online educational content, and expert resources from the best people in media. Niche says it can help you whether you’re a B2B, B2C /consumer, digital only, city and regional, or association publisher, with an array of resources for practical education and training and ways of increasing revenue.

Some recent articles include a revenue case study about increasing engagement and subscriptions, why publishers need to move to Google Analytics, and reasons to consider a mobile app.

Events sponsored by niche media include an annual conference that focuses on niche media publishing and revenue growth. The company claims that this gathering is the largest collection of niche media publishers, sales people, and media marketing professionals in the country.

What’s New in Publishing

This site offers a single destination for independent publishing businesses who are looking for news, advice and education covering an array of different topics. What’s New covers developments in digital publishing, magazines, and newspapers. They look at the factors disrupting the industry and new opportunities, with a focus on practical and useful advice. They not only tell their readers what’s new, but what’s next as well.

Some recent articles include how publishers are using automated reporting to fuel growth and six essential branding tips for publisher websites.


This digital publishing news site takes a broad view of the media and marketing industries, with an in-depth look at how technology is disrupting these industries. Digiday furnishes content on the web, by e-mail, and podcasts, along with virtual and in person events.

Some recent articles include a snapshot of the digital media economy, and how streaming audio is helping brands create deeper emotional connections.

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