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HubSpot Publishers Panel Webinar Recap

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 09/21/2021

MagHub is a great tool for publishers. It offers a cloud-based software solution that will manage your entire publication’s advertising, sales, billing, subscriptions, flatplanning, and more. MagHub allows you to operate your media business/publication from the first time you reach out to a contact and then to ad design/layout and publication layout and production.

What is also great is that its software migration melds seamlessly with HubSpot to create effective inbound marketing strategies that nurture and help close highly targeted inbound leads.

MagHub’s Jeremy Lewis talked with several of our clients…

…about the ways in which they use the HubSpot and MagHub tandem in their business. Their discussion was recorded in a webinar that is available to watch for anyone interested in learning more about the MagHub-HubSpot integration.

Jeremy spoke with Megan Kendrick of Kendrick Content and Todd Schmidt of Palm Beach Media.

Schmidt said Palm Beach turned to HubSpot and MagHub as their needs grew with the integration of websites and webforms. He particularly likes the workflow automation of HubSpot, where information is assigned automatically to both HubSpot and MagHub to generate leads. “It gave us better sales follow up abilities,” he said.

Kendrick said she likes the way HubSpot gives her team the ability to track leads when they come in. Her company is trying to grow an audience that is attractive to her company’s customers, so having HubSpot, which is able to meet those needs, is great, she said.

“HubSpot is incredibly easy to set up with the marketing software,” she said. “And MagHub is great for making sure we have the right customizations.”

Schmidt said that once his company began using HubSpot, they quickly left their original provider. He likes the tracking feature on HubSpot, which lets people at his company know what content people are looking at, what they are reacting to, and what emails they respond to.

“HubSpot helps us to serve better content, more content of what our readers want,” he said.

Kendrick likes the reports and information that HubSpot provides. As the digital side of her business has grown, “clients are asking for more sophisticated reports and statistics on products they sent out with us. With HubSpot, we’re able to dial in on the things they are asking for across all digital channels.”

If they have social media that goes along with email and a website, her people can see all of that in one place, she said. Kendrick added that with HubSpot she doesn’t have to spend hours pulling information from different places. Posting on social media for all of her brands at once takes a lot of time, she added, but with HubSpot, it goes a lot faster.

Schmidt also likes the way his team can create lists and push lists back and forth – because of the software migration of MagHub with HubSpot, they can push a contact from MagHub to HubSpot or the reverse. When an email comes into HubSpot, that information is traded as a dynamic attribute on MagHub, Lewis added.

Kendrick agreed that HubSpot helps to keep their contact list cleaner.

Jeremy noted that HubSpot and MagHub take care of all types of communication with customers in one place.

This then eliminates the need for other applications. For example, at MagHub, where he works, Lewis said they no longer need Hootsuite, Mailchimp and other apps.

“It puts all of the pieces together for you,” he said, emphasizing how well the two platforms integrate with each other, that you can generate leads on HubSpot and then move the information to MagHub for follow up.

We at MagHub would love to show you how our cloud-based software solution can handle all aspects of your publishing enterprise, everything from subscriptions, flatplanning, billing, freelancers, projects, and marketing – all from within one system. Contact us to learn more or to set up a real-time demonstration.

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