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MagBowl Extravaganza 2018!

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 03/29/2018

Nick Pataro Strike“This is bowling, there are rules” – The Big Lebowski

One of the many quotes and pop culture references dropped at last week’s MagHub Bowling Extravaganza, held at Revel and Roll in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With a nearly full crowd, the MagHub team was able to step away from the office and unwind with colleagues. Cold drinks, hot pizza, and a nearly empty arcade meant great times for the team! Whether it was our Senior Account Executive, Nick Pataro, scoring strikes, or our future MagHubber, Ellie, daughter of Account Executive, Walker Barnes, picking up spares; there was a vast amount of pins being KO’d.

Future MagHubber

Though the entire team couldn’t make it to the event, we did have a few surprise guests from the MagHub team. MagHub Product Manager, Tom Bellen, showed up for just a few brief moments; laced on a pair of bowling shoes, threw a strike for our Graphic Designer, Claire Berger, then walked out. While others, such as our Director of Marketing, Zach Gilbert, struggled to keep the ball between the gutters!

Regardless of their bowling expertise, the MagHub team (and significant others) had a great time bonding/bowling. Next team event, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War! Expect a few reviews/testimonials (no spoilers though), and many nerdy references!

Want to be part of the MagHub family of clients? Or interested in seeing a live demo of the MagHub CRM and publishing tool? Contact us and we’d love to discuss future opportunities, or we’re happy to share bowling tips. While you’re here though, feel free to scroll through the pictures below, and see the MagHub team in action!

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