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MagHub 8.1 Release Notes

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Written by Tom Bellen

Published: 08/13/2019

We may be in the dog days of summer, but the heat won’t make MagHub slow down! The 8.1 release is bringing in some of the most requested customer items: artwork gallery, decluttering of disabled items in lists, and seeing company/contact changes history. But don’t think we are cooling off anytime soon. We have also re-built our integration with QBO so we can expand on it soon, and we started work on supporting taxes on all products. Bring on the heat. And the Forum! 

Are you a Dark Theme or Light Theme kind of person? 

Regardless of your preference we now offer both options for our new left-hand user navigation experience. Simply click My Preferences > Site Settings and choose whether you want Dark or Light Theme. Unlike Apple, we’re not asking you to Beta test a whole new operating system for the only feature you really want. 

Send direct emails from MagHub using your email account. 

We removed the shackles from our direct email send. You don’t need automation and you don’t need Mandrill anymore! You can use your own email credentials when sending an email to contact from MagHub. Your emails will get tracked as activities as soon as they are sent. Still want to use Mandrill to get notified when a prospect opens your email (think Yesware)? No problem! You can choose between using your email or tracking analytics right before you press send.  

Changes to how inactive and active items display. 

Over time drop-downs can get cluttered; but everyone has a difference of opinion on what they want to see and use, to filter. Now you can choose for yourself! Update your preferences to choose whether to see inactive items in drop-downs. We haven’t gotten to every field or report yet, but we are working on it. We did get to the most highly used filters and reports. No matter what, we prioritized active items by putting them at the top of the dropdown.  

View advertiser’s materials in the Artwork Tab. 

View all of your customers artwork history in their artwork tab. You can see all final, non-final, or unassigned artwork. Quickly filter to find material from a particular pub and issue, click on the ad, and pick it up. You can also upload artwork to keep on file for later.  

Update the what information displays in MagBuilder. 

Tired of seeing all of those pesky MagBuilder fields? Is that thumbnail of the image getting in your paginating path? Your dreams have been answered. You can update what display for ads, editorials, and house ads. See as much or little on the run sheet or layout as you want. We recommend at least keeping the advertiser’s name. But you don’t have to! 

Get notified of incomplete tasks via email, Slack, and our notifications icon. 

Keep yourself or your project team on task with Slack notifications. You can set a channel notification for every project and choose to send it out daily or on a specific day of the week. Get individual reminders of your incomplete tasks by adding your Slack ID to ‘MPreferences. No worries if you don’t have Slack, you can choose to get email reminders, or just check out the bell icon in MagHub in the morning. 

View contact and company change history. 

Never wonder again who changed the category or rep on an account. Click on the history icon next to the ‘Last Updated By field to see the change history for a company or contact. Get permission for the contact and company history page to see of the changes made by a user or over a period of time 

Other Improvements You May Notice in 8.1: 

– View last payment information on the invoice search. 
– Search order, contact, and company change history. 
– Bulk generate packing slips and shipping labels. 
– Use mail merge templates on direct email sends. 
– Create activities directly from the notification page. 
– Use HTML editor to style your customer’s classified text. 
– Account owners can enter and track employee compensation tracking labor costs on projects. 
– View project profitability in the project overview report and metrics popup. 

    Are you a current MagHub client? If so, you can view the entire MagHub Release 8.1 Webinar in the MagHub Help Center (just click the Question Mark inside MagHub). Not a MagHub user client, but you want to learn more about it, and the 8.1 release? Click here and request your free demo today!

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