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MagHub 8.3 Release Notes

Written by Tom Bellen

Published: 10/09/2019

No tricks, only treats when you come to MagHub’s door in October! We know it can be scary to try new features, and we do our best to not let something come out and bite you (that’s a bug joke). In Release 8.3 we have all your favorites: additional MagBuilder colors, subscriber exports, improved QBO integration, proposal improvements, global search, and candy corn (JK, who gives candy corn?!?!?!). We will leave the bowl out, so take as much as you want. Interesting fact about our company, did you know the group that owns Aysling, also owns a candy company? That’s right… we get free candy… all the time.  


‘Magical’ Left-Hand Navigation Menu Updates 

We have made some changes to the left-hand navigation menu. Some would even call them magical. You can find all the add actions in the new + icon in the left-hand top corner, we updated the language of pages to make them more clear and improved the icons, and the global search now allows you to search by category, making it easier to find and go to where you need.  

Map Products/Services Directly in MagHub 

QBO users, are you tired of print, online, and service sales? Well, now you can map your MagHub products directly to your QBO account. You can map print and digital ad sales by publication or ad size. Services are mapped by category or service. If you really want to get crazy, you can even map items to booked or deferred account. But don’t worry if you are not a QBO user, you can still use the mapper to update the order and invoice exports for other financial systems.  

Export Subscription Data to Other Financial Systems 

MagHub will export your subscribers, invoices, and payments. There are two export formats: CSV and QBO. Each subscriber with a new invoice will be marked for export. Generate your exports automatically or generate exports whenever you please. If you have a QBO account, the subscriber data can go directly into your account.  

Embed Metabase Reports in MagHub 

Metabase is a report building tool you can use with the MagHub DatawarehouseWith Metabase, you can build graphical or tabular based reports. It was great to have those reports, but before they were lonely in Metabase; now you can easily share reports with users in MagHub for all to see! Don’t know what Metabase or the Datawarehouse is? Check out one of our recent webinars and talk to your representative to learn more! 

Create TBD Page Types for MagBuilder 

Have you ever wanted to hold a MagBuilder page for an upcoming ad, or let everyone know when pages will be used for classified ads? Maybe you just want to colothe pages for fun! Now you can create your own TBD page categories and give them a color. You can’t place any ads or editorials on a TBD page, so you will need to change the type before paginating an ad or editorial.  

Proposal Template Controls and Notifications 

Make sure your sales team keeps important information on your proposals by locking sections or elements. A user can’t edit the content, but they can disable it if it isn’t needed on that proposal. Once the proposal is out to the customer, the sales rep will get notified when a customer is viewing a proposal or when they accept/decline the offer.  

ProductBased Promo Codes and Storefront Updates 

Create a discount on the storefront or the cart order for specific products. If they are not tied to a promo code, a customer will see the discount price in the storefront. Use a promo code to track where your customers are coming from. A customer must enter the promo code before getting the product discount.  

Share Files with Vendors and Clients Through Document Manager 

Add files to Client Center and Vendor Center by marking them for sharing in Document Manager. You can share up to six PDFs, or images to your customers or vendors. The documents will display in a documents section on the Vendor and Client Center home page. You can also now email files directly froDocument Manager to anyone. It’s fun to share! 

Other Improvements You May Notice in 8.3: 

  • – Filter group invoices by brand and publications on the create group invoice page. 

  • – Set a default GL class on ad sizes and services. 

  • – Disable a section or element of a proposal template. 

  • – Track analytics and proposal section views from within Client Center. 

  • – Use merge tags in proposal text and HTML elements.  

  • – Change the bill-to contact on master invoices.  

  • – View all project hours and expenses in the project metrics tab.  

  • – New reporting permissions for the lead status report, GL reports, period AR sales, and publication goal metrics report.  

Are you a current MagHub client? If so, you can view the entire MagHub Release 8.3 Webinar in the MagHub Help Center (just click the Question Mark inside MagHub). Not a MagHub user client, but you want to learn more about it, and the 8.3 release? Click here and request your free demo today!

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