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MagHub: CRM or ERP?

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 12/11/2018

MagHub has been branded as a CRM in the past, and while we’re so much more than “just” a CRM, it’s helpful for prospects to understand this because a customer relationship management platform is so thorough.

But our CRM capabilities are only a small portion of an enterprise resource planning tool, which really is what MagHub closely aligns to.

Want to know why MagHub software functions almost equally as an ERP?  Take a look below.

First, What is the Difference Between a CRM and ERP?

They are quite similar. While an ERP helps a business with a great deal of its administrative/finance/operations tasks (from inventory management, product and purchase planning, HR, accounting, even marketing and customer relationship management), a CRM pretty much “just” helps a business with its marketing and sales operations with:

  • Marketing automation and social media management
  • Tracking customers and purchases
  • Helping with customer support
  • And more

So What’s the REAL Difference?

In a nutshell, a CRM focuses on marketing and sales while an ERP helps with business operations, while having the capability of integrating with a separate CRM system.

How is MagHub More than Customer Relationship Management Software?

Two important ways:

  1. One of our top modules helps you with financial and administrative tasks.

Our finance/administrative tools help media publishing professionals make sure their team members are doing their jobs – and doing them well, and to agreed-upon goals and parameters.

No more carefully watching over sales or customer service representatives, and no more fretting that the end-of-quarter accounting tasks are completed. (No more having to transfer different figures between different platforms/accounts, for that matter!) Instead, MagHub provides users with an all-encompassing view via a dashboard that shows how your publications are performing that day, that year, even that hour.

This tool also:

  • Tracks invoices, AP/AR and can sync it all with QuickBooks.
  • Sends out tearsheets with invoices and receipts.
  • Coordinates with your human resources department to track PTO requests and other employee time tracking tasks.
  • Automatically processes credit card payments.
  • Controls the approval process for orders, invoices/billing and purchase and even sales proposals.
  1. Perhaps most importantly for magazine publishers, MagHub’s order management feature offers tools specifically designed for the needs of media publishing.

Take advertising. MagHub allows your magazine’s sale representative to create an order that conforms exactly to your rate cards using templates you design. This guarantees brand accord. Your client also can then approve their ads online with a digital signature.

Our platform melds everything into one easy process, allowing ad orders to be approved, purchased, and created. All online. Talk about time savings!

Yes, we’re quite pleased with our creation! MagHub provides the media publishing industry the ability to enjoy the benefits of an ERP without the complexity – and the ensuing higher cost. (Most ERPs are used by enormous corporations with multiple locations in different countries, supply chains, even currencies.)

Today’s CRM needs to be more than a mere prospecting tool. Learn more about how our ERP can help your publishing empire. Contact us!

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