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MagHub Integration Review: MediaRadar

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 02/19/2019

If you’re a magazine publisher using MagHub and if you’re not already using MediaRadar to help your advertising reps find terrific prospects, why aren’t you?

In case you weren’t aware, MagHub and MediaRadar opted to create a data integration partnership, one that provides those who use our CRM+ / ERP platform to gain access to more data and advertising intelligence, providing data that will help your sales and research team members, that will help them find better leads and create terrific sales pitches, resulting in the closing of more agreements.

So what is MediaRadar? The software platform can help you find what your prospects are spending in advertising now, what brands currently are targeting the same audience you want (and will those targets actually be a good fit for you), what products/services are companies going to market in the near future (and would those products/services be a good fit to advertise to your target audience), and more.

And, since you’re probably wondering, MediaRadar reports that advertisers using its sales research capabilities report an 18 percent increase in sales.

And, by the way, reviewers of MediaRadar give the platform 4.5 out of 5 stars on Capterra.com.

A couple of reviews:

“MediaRadar is easy to use and very intuitive. New sales assistants are quick to learn how to pull reports. It provides information that’s instrumental to the selling of our brand.”

“It’s certainly a Quality Product & the Customer Support behind it is outstanding…!! We’ve been using the Product for about 2 years now, & it has helped us tremendously & I have increased my Sales efforts as a direct result from using the Product.”

“I like that I can easily view all creative, and where it’s running. It gives me a quick overview of what my competitors are getting vs me. I also really like that you can create different competitive lists.” 

Here are some tips on how to make sure your MagHub/MediaRadar integration goes smoothly.

– First, you must have MediaRadar set up in your MagHub system. You can connect a company contact you have in MagHub to a company in MediaRadar.

– You can then add a contact when adding a company from MediaRadar or the contact tab of the company page.

– You’ll then see a list of available contacts (in MediaRadar). If desired, you can choose to see additional details about each contact.

– If you decide to add the contact, you’ll have the option to decide which type of data you want to copy over from MediaRadar.

– Then, depending on your setup, you may need to add more info to complete the adding-contact process.

And that’s it! Should you have any questions regarding your MagHub/MediaRadar contact management integration, we have a nifty PDF with the steps detailed above to help you. Just let us know by calling 844-696-2448 or emailing us at info@adorbit.com.

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