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MagHub Integration Review: Pendo

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 03/05/2019

MagHub has a true wealth of tools and applications to help you publish your off- or on-line magazine.  But it can seem a tad…. overwhelming when you first start using it.

That’s why we recently partnered with Pendo and implemented their resource/assistance center within MagHub. Doing so means all of our clients will be able to access walkthroughs, guides and additional valuable resources to help them learn our platform and navigate within it.


Diving Deeper into Pendo


Pendo from the start says it exists to “make software lovable” (that phrase is the first thing you see on its homepage). It calls itself a product cloud and it got its start in 2013 in North Carolina by folks who used to work at Google, Rally, Red Hat, and Cisco to create a product that will help software users navigate those often complicated platforms.

What this means for you, our MagHub users, is that you’ll be able to learn our magazine CRM/ERP tool inside and out, upside down, and sideways quickly.

You’ll be able to access Pendo right within MagHub. In fact, Pendo will provide you with a personal walk-through MagHub, as well as guiding you to find the MagHub tools you need.

Guides and tutorials exist to help you learn how to add companies/clients, subscribers, how to add/edit rate cards, prospect attributes, subscribers, subscriber attributes, and much more!

In a nutshell, our Pendo integration allows you to learn while you work within MagHub. Your learning curve is shortened considerably, as are mistakes. You’ll be enjoying the full power of MagHub’s magazine CRM/ERP extremely quickly, saving your publication much time and money as users become adept within it.

And – of course! – should we add new tools to MagHub’s arsenal, Pendo provides “what’s new” guides immediately as they go online.

For more information on how our CRM software can help you run your magazine publishing empire more efficiently – and save/make more money as a result – contact us by either calling 844-696-2448, emailing us at info@adorbit.com, or taking a moment to fill out our request for information form.

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