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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 10/28/2020

Got subscribers?

Of course you do! Perhaps you have a “just a handful” now but as your subscriber numbers increase, things are going to become…complicated.

Enter the MagHub subscriptions management software platform

MagHub’s subscription module helps you…manage subscriptions and memberships. Whether you offer annual memberships or subscriptions to tens of thousands of just the aforementioned “handful,” it can help you streamline the often cumbersome processes that make up subscription management.

A handful of examples of how easy it is to use MagHub’s subscription management software

Adding subscribers

You’ll sometimes want/need to add them manually and MagHub allows you to do so easily, simply by choosing “Add Subscriber” under the subscription module’s “Distribution” section.

Renewing subscriptions

Send subscribers an expiration notice (by print or email). MagHub’s expiration notices have templates in place you can use by default, but we suggest you update them since you may want to use the one-click renewal links each notice can contain (if you set them up as so). Doing so makes it easier to mail notices out and helps the subscriber renew their subscription.

MagHub also lets you send out auto-renewal/expiration reminders, helping subscribers re-up long before a subscription expires.

Invoicing new subscribers

Head over to the “Create Subscription Invoices” page and then you can search by different fields to narrow the number of invoices sent. Choose the template you want to use and the invoice date. When you click on “Create Preview,” and if all is to your liking, hit “Create Invoice.” You can then print or email any of the invoices you’ve just created.

Recording subscriber payments

Your subscribers can pay their invoices via their Subscriber Portal. But if they pay by check or over the phone and you need to record it manually you’ll be able to look for their account by using the search filter for the “open invoices” status.

To record the payment, you’ll choose a payment method and payment date by checking the box next to the invoice. Choose the date, method of payment and amount. Next step is to click Record or Process Payment (located at the page’s bottom).

There’s a lot more you can do with MagHub’s subscriptions management software

In a nutshell, MagHub’s subscription management capabilities – in addition to managing subscriber info, collecting new subscriptions/payments, includes:

  • Allowing your members/subscribers to renew automatically.
  • Gathering new subscribers’ information online so that they can pay online.
  • Verifying that subscribers’/members’ address are correct.
  • And more.

In addition – and a terrific benefit for your marketing – you can create a subscriber portal branded with your logo, tagline, even your publication’s “look.” It’s a terrific branding tool for your publication.

Are you a print publication with distribution routes?

MagHub’s subscriptions management software allows you and your managers to establish distribution routes (and synchronize them with Google Maps), set drop off locations, and more, helping ensure your magazine gets to your subscribers on time.

Helping create a real bond between you and your subscribers

Linchpin.com has said that 2021 and beyond will “be about building brand loyalty. Publishers will develop…customer services channels for their loyal customers to cultivate community.”

Creating a branded, easy-to-use renewal and subscription portal with MagHub could be a great way to extend that feeling of community from when subscribers first subscribe, to every time they receive notice from you, and then pay their subscriptions.

Learn more about MagHub’s subscriptions management software.

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