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MagHub Year in Review: 2021 Edition

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Written by Aysling

Published: 01/31/2022

MagHub is the total package, a complete media publication system built just for the publishing industry. We provide everything you need to run your publishing business.

Whether it’s sales, contract management, or design and layout, you can rely on MagHub to get the job done. Some of the amazing features of MagHub include:


We provide a magazine CRM to help you manage your contacts and build up relationships with customers. We give you the ability to sell both print and digital advertisements as well as other services.

Order Management

With MagHub, you can write, send, and finish orders quickly and easily. We have everything you need, from making proposals to handling payments.


Our flatplanning system is called MagBuilder, and it integrates with orders and production, allowing you to layout your publications more easily and efficiently.

Project Management

MagHub also enables you to speed up your projects. Your team members can coordinate their work requests using our ticketing system to ensure that everything gets done on time.


You can simplify your subscriptions with MagHub. Our system enables you to oversee every piece of the subscription process, from signups to payment and delivery.


MagHub enables you to put together all kinds of reports tailored to your particular needs for every part of your business. Our graphics will help you to quickly see performance metrics and financial forecasts for your company.


We can also handle all of your invoicing and payments, and our system integrates with QuickBooks.


You can also automate many of your routine tasks using MagHub and create workflows that are tailored to your business.

MagHub Updates

But that’s not all, not by a longshot. Because at MagHub we are continually adding new features to our platform, updating and upgrading its capabilities.

During 2021, MagHub added a number of new features to our already one-of-a-kind system. Here are a few MagHub updates.

Switching Users

What this MagHub update allows you to do is log in as someone else. So, for example, if you have a sales rep or somebody else who’s having an issue with something or they can’t figure something out, and they want you to look at it, you can log yourself in as the sales rep or anyone else. You have the same permission as them, and the same view as they do, and you will be able to make any changes as them.

Or someone may be out on vacation and you need to pick up their tickets. Again, you could simply log in as them to take care of it.

All of our support users now have this feature built in automatically. So if a customer sends in a support ticket, and we need to see a screenshot of one of their pages, we can now quickly switch over and get logged in as the customer and provide them better support. Customers don’t have to send in their passwords for us to look at it.

Expanded HubSpot integration

What the expanded integration enables you to do is pull in HubSpot campaign stats directly into your data warehouse. You can combine the HubSpot campaigns with all of your other campaign data.

We’ve done this before with another app that we use– Pendo. We can combine our Pendo user’s information with their customer names and usage, and now with our expanded integration, we can tie in our HubSpot campaigns as well.

Metabase is the core structure for our data warehouse, and our customers can build ports off of multiple data platforms. And we’re now looking into other ways to build ports with other third-party software.

Now, for example, we have a Google Ad Manager integration. So we can pull in information for your Google account that could be mapped with your customer data.

Customer Notifications

Another new feature we’ve added in 2021 is refining the customer notification set up. Before we added this new feature, it was an all-or-nothing situation with sending additional emails. For example, if a customer wanted artwork emails, they would  receive all of them.

But, as everyone knows, customers have more specific kinds of products. Different people could be responsible for a print item and a digital item. With this new feature, you can separate emails in a more discriminating way, print from digital, for example.

If you have someone who needs to receive invoices for certain brands, you can CC them just for those brands. Or if someone needs information on all the digital media for certain brands, you can CC them for just that.

And now we can also add annotation emails to anyone in the system. If someone makes a notice on a proof request and another person wants to witness it, they can do that as well.

Changes to Core Reports

Having good, up-to-date information is essential for making good business decisions. With MagHub’s reporting tool, your company’s administration and finance people can access forecasts in real time right on the dashboard.

You can see exactly how your company is performing with detailed reports on sales, income, expenses, production, distribution, and other measurements.

MagHub enables you to put together detailed sales forecasts, financial summaries, and production reports. You can monitor the performance of your salespeople and their activities, as well as building custom reports with the data warehouse.

And this past year, we have also made some changes to our core reports to increase their capability and functionality. For example, one of our core reports gives you a consolidated snapshot of sales, and with the changes, you can now export only what is in the display fields on those reports. And we have added some new filters as well.

Our goal overall is to enhance our core reports while scaling back on other types of reporting. So the sales snapshot and a new updated product year over year report should give you all the information needed in one place.

Improved Discussion Notifications

If you are a vendor or a contract worker engaged with our project module, you can now get automatic alerts about new discussions, rather than having to take the time to check on them yourself.

We would love to show you how our cloud-based software solution can handle all aspects of your publishing enterprise, everything from subscriptions, flatplanning, billing, freelancers, projects, and marketing – all from within one system.

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