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From 80° to 30°: MagHub’s Return From PMA 2018

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 03/14/2018

The MagHub team is finally back from a busy schedule of conferences! Our first stop was in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida, for Parenting Media Association’s, Annual 2018 Convention! From palm trees to steel drums, PMA did not disappoint. PMA attendees regularly gathered on the beach to watch astounding sunsets and share their experiences in the magazine industry. From presentations on the digital side of marketing to focusing on qualified leads instead of open rates and clicks, there was an abundance of knowledge to be shared by all.

Our team was fortunate to be there, and have the opportunity to sponsor the annual beach party! Once again, 80 degrees, no rain, and great seafood lead to an incredible night of socializing and discussing the industry.

So, turn on some steel drum music (in fact, we’ll provide it, see below), crank up the heat, and imagine you’re on the beach with us, as you view images from this year’s PMA.

Weren’t able to see us at PMA this year? We’d love the opportunity to speak with you! Click here to reach out to the MagHub team.

PMA Steel Drums

PMA Outside Gathering

PMA Socializing

Jenny With Echo Dot Winner

PMA Retro Hotel

PMA MagHub Booth

PMA Sunset Gathering

La Bamba

by Carnival Steel Drum Band | Steel Drum Island

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