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MagHub, Jockeys, Bourbon, and Baseball: Our Return from Super Niche 2018

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 03/21/2018

It’s safe to say that early March was a busy time for the MagHub team! From planes to car rentals (no trains this time), the MagHub team was able to make it to Super Niche 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky, just in time! It’s not just our client support team that’s dedicated, our MagHub representatives deserve a gold star too!

Super Niche 2018 was a great time, and with Carl Landau at the helm, that was no surprise. The MagHub team was able to meet some amazing individuals in the media publication industry, and attend some great sessions too. From general industry discussions to focused topics of the booming marijuana industry, Super Niche had it all!

Outside of the conference there was an abundance of activities to participate in. Some of our personal favorites were the Bacon Party (that’s right, a party for bacon, and rightfully so) and the Derby Party (with bourbon tasting, obviously). It was certainly a great few days in Kentucky!  We appreciate everyone who came by our booth and mingled with Walker and Jenny, we were fortunate to speak with many interesting publishers. Weren’t able to speak with us at Super Niche this year, or didn’t have enough time for a full demo? Click here and we’ll be happy to reach out and discuss MagHub.

In the meantime, feel free to scroll through the various snapshots of Super Niche 2018.

SN18 Hall

SN18 Stage

SN18 Echo

SN18 Winner

SN18 Booth

SN18 Banner

SN18 Team

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