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MagHub’s 2019 Release Recap

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 01/23/2020

Hello 2020!

In 2019, MagHub had 12 primary releases, each including a slew of new features and improvements to the already robust ERP system. Join us as we take a look back at some of the new features of MagHub in 2019.

January 2019

For the first release of the new year, MagHub Release 7.4 was focused all around MagHub’s New Orders module. With a new streamlined and efficient process, aimed at reducing the time necessary for sales reps to spend creating orders, our new orders greeted the new year in beta format where a large portion of our active users began pressing buttons and providing feedback. Since then, new orders has received multiple improvements and moved out of the beta phase, and replaced our existing order management process.

February 2019

In February MagHub continued to improve core components of their system, including their ecommerce engine/storefront, drip campaigns, and new orders. Some other new features included:

      • Ability to add print, digital, and service line item to confirmed orders.
      • Ad Hoc Grouping on contract and invoice templates.
      • Contract Goal Attainment Kickers.

March 2019

Purchase orders and ecommerce was the focus of MagHub’s March release with a selection of new features aimed at improving the already established system. Features of the third release were

      • Create a purchase order template.
      • Create items to add to a purchase order.
      • Create a multi-line purchase order.
      • Ability to sell subscriptions via MagHub’s ecommerce module.
      • Clients can now create shipping labels and tracking codes in ecommerce.

April 2019

April’s Release was a grab bag of miscellaneous updates and improvements targeting multiple parts of the MagHub platform, some new features included:

      • Gift with purchase promotion on the ecommerce storefront.
      • Match vendor invoices to purchase orders.
      • Sell event tickets through MagHub.
      • Added the Subscription Metrics Report.
      • Prorate digital ad sales units by issue.

May 2019

Contacts, shipping, and vendors were a core component of the May Release with features including:

      • Contact and Subscriber address verification.
      • Ability to approve employee and vendor timesheets.
      • Create shipping zones and rates.
      • Complete Vendor Center redesign.

June 2019

You’ll notice the trend of ecommerce updates throughout the next few releases as groups began adopting our new engine to manage their events, hard/soft goods, and other services. Features of June’s Release included:

      • Manage the entire pick, pack, and ship process inside MagHub.
      • Ecommerce reports added: Sales by Product, Shipping Report, and Ecommerce Sales Report.
      • New Payables reports: AP Aging, PO Summary, AP Payments, and PO Line Items.
      • Create a back-office ecommerce order, and split an ecommerce order into multiple shipments.

July 2019

Many of July’s updates were aimed around increasing functionality to MagHub’s ecommerce and event management module, as it was being used for the MagHub Fall Forum. Some of the main features included:

      • Associate and event with ads and services.
      • New importer for ecommerce cart orders (use WooCommerce? Shopify? This importer is for you).
      • Sell bundled subscriptions.
      • Free shipping promotion with ecommerce.
      • Populate company and contact data by company website or email domain, including the company logo.

August 2019

August was a major release in regards to new features, so we’ll just jump right into a few of the dozen features.

      • View contact and company change history on the details pages or using a history search.
      • Send direct emails from inside MagHub, auto-log the activity, and track opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.
      • View all of your advertisers’ material on the Company Details Artwork tab.
      • Get project notifications by email, Slack, or system notifications.
      • Search order change history.
      • Track employee compensation and project labor costs.

September 2019

We would say we slowed down in September after August’s massive release, and being released in the same month of our annual MagHub Fall Forum, but we’d be lying. MagHub’s September Released featured:

      • Pending order reminders.
      • Subscription renewal rates.
      • Updates on the sales proposal module.
      • Taxes on consumer orders.
      • Ability to set a sales approver for a user.

October 2019

Interface and usability was the focus of our 10th release of 2019. With the updated left-hand navigation menu, MagHub had gathered extensive feedback from current clients and prospects to improve actions within MagHub for all departments. Some of the feature updates included:

      • Document Manager (MagHub’s file sharing tool) improvements.
      • Global Search improvements, it became even easier to find categories, contacts, companies, and activities.
      • Quick Add Button, also referred to as the MagIc Button, as it provided a single-click action to add nearly every item in MagHub.
      • Create TBD categories for MagBuilder layouts.
      • Subscription exporting to QuickBooks.
      • Embed Metabase reporting, if 100+ ‘canned’ reports aren’t enough, MagHub integrated Metabase’s powerful report creator in its system.

November 2019

With only two releases left of 2019, November’s release was aimed at cleaning up existing features, and adding new improvements for our current clients, including:

      • Ad Inventory Report.
      • Mail Merge (email campaigns) updates and additional reporting.
      • Portal template editors, with our release of the Vendor Portal designer, we took that easy editor process, and applied it to our subscription and client portals as well.
      • Along with the portal editors, you can now also personalize your MagHub instance to make it a more white-labeled solution to match your branding.
      • Left-Hand Navigation updates: With all of the changes in 2019 to the left-hand navigation, we also added the ability to use MagHub’s Global Search to find nearly any item in the system, including actions! You could type in a report name, or perhaps add a contact, and our search engine would find exactly what you were trying to do. Next step, voice controller? Maybe.

December 2019

Here we end our journey of 2019’s MagHub Release, in December we rounded out the year with multiple client requested features to MagHub’s CRM, Proposals, and MagBuilder modules. Features included:

      • Made it easier to create new opportunities for sales reps.
      • Ability to mark activities in the CRM as private.
      • New Contact approval and Contact Ownership CRM permissions.
      • Ability to movie and place multiple-page spread exactly where you want in MagBuilder.
      • Added Terms and Conditions elements on sales proposals.

Well there you have it, a year in review of 2019’s MagHub Releases. We understand it’s quite a bit, and the crazy thing is that it’s not even all of the features added, nor does it include any improvements or fixes we’ve added in the system in each and every release throughout the release.

Find one or two things that is interesting from the release notes above? We’d love to chat with your about it, and share a brief demo of MagHub at the same time. Another great improvement of 2019 is our updated pricing, plans, and onboarding structure. It’s now even easier to get started with MagHub in 2020! Fill out the form below to learn more today.

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