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MagHub: More Than Just a Magazine CRM

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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 01/16/2019


Publisher’s Toolbox

When you hear the word “MagHub,” what is your immediate reaction? Probably that it’s an absolutely terrific magazine CRM for print and online magazines, right? And that – we are proud to not-so-humblebrag – is true.

But we’re so much more than a magazine manager tool. We have many different functions: we truly offer end-to-end media publication software. Take a look below for more information on all we can do for you.


Issue Layout & Production

Few magazines have just one person working on layout or adding content. With several people working on an issue at once, work requests can get lost. Ensuring that they get done can be problematic since many requests entail manually adding information from emails or other documents/software. And manual addition really only means that even more information can get lost.

But MagHub’s single workflow system keeps your design and editorial staff on the same page because everything’s synced within a schedule by various issues. What’s more, up to 5gb of content can be moved to your production team with work tickets and appropriate text/art from clients attached.

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Subscribers come….and subscribers go. It’s the way of the publishing world. Forget about firing up the ol’ Excel spreadsheet and manually adding and deleting subscribers. Tell the vendor of your so-out-of-date database to take it back, because the MagHub magazine CRM allows your subscribers to sign up and pay online. And via a module you can brand for your magazine’s website!

As for distribution, team members can create routes, set up drop-off locations, and sync them all to Google maps.

Market Insights

Marketing Insights

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t market to prospects unless you absolutely, positively know who they are! Sure, a magazine CRM is supposed to help you with marketing, but without exact and robust data, how can you truly know who makes up your target market? MagHub allows you to search for and create different data sets based on fine-tuned parameters. For example, which of the past six issues had the most unsubscribes? Do subscriptions tend to rise in June, or do they pick up mid-March (looking at data from the past five years)? And when subscriptions do pick up or fall, what types of content tend to be in the magazine just before the uptick/fall off?

It’s these types of detailed data segmenting offered within MagHub that can help you fine-tune your marketing, helping you either broaden your audience or allowing you to hone in on your perfect reader so that you’ll gain more of these top readers for editorial/best spenders for advertisers.

In a nutshell, MagHub’s media publication software allows your magazine’s different departments (marketing, editorial, sales, finance, administration, production, distribution, and so on) use it for what each of them need. We’re not “just” a tool for marketing/sales/subscription/distribution: MagHub is a one-stop magazine shop.

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