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Niche Media Recap: The Call + Email Combo (MagHub-ified)

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 11/13/2019

We just love the good folks at Niche Media. They know publishing niches like no one else and they truly love them some niche media publishers!

So much so that they hold Super Niche and other conferences/events each year exclusively for niche publishers and others involved within highly-targeted publications. (We’re always a sponsor at the event, BTW.)

How much do we love Carl Landau, Niche’s founder and owner? So much so that instead of writing up a “plan” for you on how to make sales the old fashioned way – by making a phone call first and following up with an email – we thought we’d just recap Carl’s own take on this process, what he calls the “the call + email combo.” Take a look below.

1.     Plan ahead.

Decide how many calls you’re going to make and prepare names, phone numbers and email addresses the day before you plan to call. Carl aims for 50 calls. He also recommends you should have a handful of different body copy messages handy before you call.

2.     The calls.

Carl recommends calling as many people as possible before noon (their time). He says he has a better chance of having of someone answering the phone (what he calls making a “hit”) if he calls before the traditional lunch hour. His “human answering a phone” rate is 30 percent for current clients/people he knows and 10 percent for cold calls. Not bad, Carl, not bad.

3.     The voicemail message.

Because he has a 70-90 percent of getting voicemail, he leaves a message stating why he’s calling and what, as he says, his “great opportunity” is. He then lets them know he’ll be sending a follow-up email and that they can either email or call him back.

4.     The email.

A typical subject line is: “[First Name] – I just left you a message!”

As for his body copy, he sometimes uses Gmail’s canned responses, but he uses his different messages (making sure they don’t sound pre-written) depending on where the prospect is in the sales funnel and what he’s trying to sell them. His message is no more than four-five paragraphs and the second paragraph must talk specifically about the prospect and their particular service or product (because doing so makes them want to keep reading)

Carl says about 8 percent call him back (he calls them “brave souls”), but 35 percent respond to the email! Most importantly, because they also listened to his voicemail message, even folks who didn’t know Carl before his call/email, are now a warm lead.

MagHub Can Help You Rock This High ROI Outbound Sales Activity

Don’t use an actual phone: use Twilio inside MagHub.

That’s right, you don’t even need to use a phone at all because MagHub integrates easily with Twilio so you can simply fire up your database of leads/prospects and click-to-dial from your computer. You also can take notes and record the call in the database as you’re making the call!

Write and save your email and voice mail messages in MagHub.

There’s no need to have your “patter” printed out before you. Write and save it in MagHub, then refer to it on screen as you leave a message.

Once you’re ready to send the email, do so from within the MagHub CRM, cutting and pasting the message you choose (out of the four or five Carl suggests you create) into your template message and hitting send.

Sending the emails from MagHub means you’ll be able to see if recipients open the message and/or click on any links you place within it.

Whether you decide to make some calls as per Carl’s suggestion or not, if you want a publishing CRM that helps you increase your sales (and thereby enjoy revenue growth), call us at 844-696-2448 or 734-997-9500. You also can reach out to us at info@adorbit.com or via our online contact form.

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