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One click calls with Twilio

Written by Tom Bellen

Published: 06/10/2015

Nobody likes pushing buttons, well except maybe your mother. At Maghub, we strive for easy navigation and to eliminate needless button pushing. With our new Twilio integration, you can make calls directly from your MagHub interface with one push of a button. Simply click on the phone icon next to your contact’s phone number and you will be connected using Twilio’s voice service. If you make 10 calls a day, we just saved you 80 button pushes! Progress!

Packaged with our Cold Call feature, it has never been easier to breeze through a list of people to call and track you notes. You can also record the entire call and keep it stored in MagHub.

To use this service, you will need to sign up for your own Twilio account and then contact your MagHub representative for implementation. You can be just one click away from your customers in no time.

POSTED BY Tom Bellen, to contact click here.

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