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Questions a publisher needs to ask when shopping for publishing software – Part 3

Written by Tom Bellen

Published: 03/27/2014

This post is the third in a series of questions you as a publisher should ask when interviewing software service providers. (View the second question here.) The questions will help you determine if a product is the right fit for you business and if it is really going to do what it claims: help you save time and sell more advertisements.


How can I get data out of and into your system?

Cleaning and transferring your data can be a blessing and a curse. Whatever system your business is coming from, it is crucial to get accurate data for your company to use. Depending on how your data is currently organized, this can be a slightly painful to excruciating process. When selecting a provider it is important to know if they are comfortable and experienced in handling the format your data is in. Whether you have an in-home solution or are coming from a different provider, you need to know how the new provider can support your data transfer and at what price. The cost of a long and expensive transition could outweigh the benefits of switching in the first place.


And while everyone hopes that the new system will be their last, you should know up front how difficult it is to get your data back out. Don’t be help captive by a system that makes it impossible to leave.


Next Week: How will your system handle all the products and services we offer?


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