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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 10/19/2020

MagHub was created specifically as a cloud-based software for publishers to help manage their media publishing enterprise, especially their ad sales efforts.

So, naturally, many publishers use us! And for that we are very grateful.

Yet MagHub is more than a CRM software for publishers

MagHub is an adaptive CRM/ERP workflow tool that can help manage any digital publishing business, whether it’s an online magazine, membership group that requires paying a subscription to join, an online newsletter, a webinar, or even a podcast.

If you offer some form of digital publishing, MagHub is the single CRM/ERP tool you need to run your business, from production, to sales, to administration, to workflow, and more.

First, workflow. Also often known as project management

A digital business is complicated. The days of “simply” posting to your blog of your services is done and gone. Now, conducting business online often requires keeping track of an incredible number of moving parts.

• Did the subscriber actually pay?
• Did your podcast guest actually sign your formal/informal agreement?
• Did the client approve the ad design?
• Did your manager approve redoing the homepage?
• Did your membership manager refund a member their fee as he/she requested?

And on and on and on.

MagHub’s production and project management modules can help your online enterprise automate work requests (no more need to manually input their details). Work requests from your sales people to your designers can become tickets color coded (red for “must do NOW” and green for “when you can,” for example). Members of your sales, editorial and design teams can see with a click where all of them are at in their workflows.

Got content? Whether it’s from your writers or your customers, it’s easily sent to your production team members. And if your podcast guests, subscribers or advertisers have sent an attachment, it’s automatically attached to work tickets.

Lose track of sales, lose revenue

That won’t happen anymore with MagHub’s advertising CRM, and sales and order management capabilities.

You and your sales team members will be able to keep constant track of sales orders, work tickets, etc. You will create strong relationships with prospects because you will know where they are in your marketing funnel (and thus will send them content appropriate to where they are in their buyer’s journey with you.

Keeping track of contacts and companies can be overwhelming. MagHub is more than just a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management tool. However, it began as one, and was created to help you strengthen your relationships with your advertisers and clients. MagHub reduces the stress of keeping up, by securing information on all of your contacts and companies whether they are clients, partners, personnel, vendors, or subscribers. MagHub will remind you of when there hasn’t been activity on accounts, as well as give you the ability to quickly find the best contact for a company. With MagHub, all of your contact and company information and activities are safely located in one place.

One Tool To Manage

Your Media Publishing Business

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