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The ABC’s of MagHub

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 06/04/2020

Ad Sales – If you are a media publishing business, then it is likely you sell advertising to various businesses. With MagHub you can manage the entire relationship in the cloud, from leads to paid orders.  

Billing & Finance – Purchase orders, invoices, AR/AP, all of it is managed within MagHub to give your accounting department the business overview they need.

Client Portals – From Subscribers, to Vendors, to Clients, white label and provide all of your contacts their individualized portals, providing them complete control over their accounts.

Digital Media – Whether it is selling slots on webinars and podcasts, to managing Google Ad Manager within the platform, Digital Media is the future for publishers, and MagHub is ready when you are. 

Ecommerce – Selling hard/soft goods? Subscriptions? Event Tickets? Regardless of the goods and services you provide, MagHub’s platform can handle basic inventory, checkout, and pick/pack/shipping.

Flatplanning – You’ve received the ad from the advertiser through their portals, now place it where it needs to go in MagHub’s flatplanning tool, MagBuilder.

Gravity Forms – One of the most used integrations by our team, connect your WordPress website landing pages and forms to the MagHub platform for lead generation and customer relationship management.

Help Center – Known for our exceptional support, MagHub’s Help Center is updated regularly to provide hundreds of videos, walkthroughs, tutorials, and documents to navigate every square inch of MagHub.

Integrations –  MagHub features dozens of robust integrations, for everything from email clients to payment processors. 

Job Tickets – Also known as tickets to some folks. With the MagHub platform, tickets are assigned to any sold item in the system. Tickets make sure the sold product/service is delivered to perfection (Tom Bellen‘s words).

Keys – We are not talking about your car keys here, MagHub offers API Keys to connect to endless software platforms, allowing your development team (or ours), the ability to create custom integrations specific to your business needs.

Lead Generation – Beyond MagHub’s Gravity Forms integration, MagHub offers a complete automation engine with Lead Sources, Lead Statuses, and customizable Dynamic Attribute fields to manage the entire lead generation process.

Magazine Management – It is no secret that MagHub is the true magazine manager. From marketing and sales to a robust billing and invoice system. With MagHub, every department grows.

Navigation – Continuously updated and improved, the MagHub platform has greatly improved all navigation and search capabilities within the platform. What were once multiple click actions, many actions can now be completed with a simple one-click process.

Order Management – Your marketing department has secured the lead, your sales team has logged the activities, and now it is time to secure the order. With included digital signatures, proposals, and customized templates; manage the entire sales process within MagHub.

Project Management – Keep your team on the same page with the MagHub Project Management module. With time sheets, tasks, and reporting. Know what your team has going on, and what resources are available when new projects present themselves.

QuickBooks Online – Currently a user of the most used online accounting software? Connect it directly to the MagHub platform and reduce double-entries, while reducing the number of accounting errors.

Recently Updated – Interesting fact about Michigan (home of Aysling|MagHub), at no point in Michigan are you more than 85 miles from a Great Lake. Similarly to the MagHub platform, at no point is a Software Release more than 31 days old.

Subscriptions – Manage digital or print subscriptions? If so, you can manage both within MagHub. MagHub offers address verification, subscriber portals, and subscription webforms for your publications. 

Twilio – Ask any Account Manager or Sales Rep and they will tell you the most time consuming part of a CRM is logging calls. With MagHub’s Twilio integration, make calls within MagHub, and auto-log the activities, while adding a recording of the call.

User Configuration – MagHub offers hundreds of user permissions and configurations, making sure each user has the correct permissions and setup to be successful. From restricting modules, to preventing contact changes, MagHub’s granular user configuration is unlike any other on the market.

Vendor Management – Whether it is a vendor or a freelancer, provide them access to their own portals, allowing them to log hours, manage purchase orders, and participate in projects.

WooCommerce – Tying in to the Ecommerce component, MagHub offers a WooCommerce integration for any publishers currently using the Ecommerce storefront to manage their online sales.

XLS Filetypes – The staple point of Microsoft Excel, with MagHub you will reduce the need to these files, as the days of spreadsheets and Google Docs will be long in the past.

YoY Reporting – Need YoY reporting? Or perhaps MoM? MagHub offers hundreds of ‘canned’ reports, as well as a robust DataWarehouse with Metabase integration, providing endless data and reports for your team.

Zapier – As you were reading the Integrations and Keys components, MagHub also offers a dedicated Zapier integration that allows you to connect to thousands of different platforms without the need of having a Computer Science Degree.

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