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The Tools Needed For The Sale

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 03/02/2020

Used to be, great salespeople sold products or services pretty much based on their own sales acumen and savvy.

Savvy is still critical, of course, but when selling today – especially in media and magazine sales – sales pros need more than ‘mad skillz’: they need the right tools.

Is this you?

You keep your client and prospect contacts in a CRM while your appointments and to-do list are in another tool. You have to fire up Gmail or Outlook to send an email (after you look up your notes about the prospect in the CRM).

And then you need to edit the CRM. But you can’t do via an app on your smartphone.

So how much time does all this going back and forth, opening and closing docs and apps take out of your day? Do you ever have to apologize in front of a prospect as you fumble with your different devices to get the information the prospect requests? How much effort did you have to put into that sale as a result of looking less-than-sharp? (Or did you even get the sale?)

Another question: how much money have you or your publisher lost in fees for all the separate, unconnected tools you use?

Say NO MORE to this madness!

It’s 2020, after all! The start of this century’s third decade! It’s time to let technology truly work for you with a CRM made for the publishing industry: Maghub.

Instead of the scenario described above, how many more sales would you be able to make more easily if your media sales tools operated like this:

You probably live by your calendar, right? What if the ERP or CRM you used allowed you to see all appointments  —  as well as their agendas – the emails and calls already sent/made related to that appointment in one spot? (MagHub color codes them).

What if your magazine manager allowed you to send and receive emails in the CRM? (MagHub has a plug-in for both Office365 and Google/Gmail.) You can attach any email a client or prospect sends you immediately into MagHub. MagHub’s mobile app also allows you to make calls directly from your to-do list. You can even edit and add contact information in the app.

Here’s a scenario:

You meet someone for the first time (not during an appointment) and you enter their information immediately into MagHub and create a follow-up to-do item so that you don’t forget.  In seconds. Allowing you to barely stop chatting and finding out more about the person you’re speaking to, learning how you can help him or her in some way.

How would something like that change your sales life?

Maghub is one tool that can help you manage your entire sales media advertising efforts. It’s a cloud-based CRM/ERP as well as a sales and publishing workflow tool created specifically for media publishers.

More specifically, MagHub helps you through the sales process:

– Prospecting
– Lead Generation
– Note Taking
– To-do and Follow-up List Making
– Appointment Setting
– Executing Contracts
– Post-contract Order Editing
– Digital Signatures
– Extensive Reports
– and much more

Tired of “old” technology making you work harder and more instead of easier and less? Then request more information about Maghub and see how it can optimize your sales process and close more deals more easily and more quickly.

Premier Guitar Case Study

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