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Thirty Second Thursdays – Help Center

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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 05/16/2019

MagHub is the most updated CRM/ERP Tool for Media Publishers of all sizes. Whether you manage B2B, B2C, or Niche publications, MagHub has all the tools needed to run every department of your business; from Sales to Production. Click Request Information to learn more today, or click One-Click Updates to follow MagHub.

Thirty Second Thursdays – Help Center

By: Jeremy Lewis, Client Engagement Success Manager

I might be bias, but I love the Video MagHub University (you’ll need a MagHub account to view the videos; however, there’s a screenshot below) and the Guide Center (click the question mark within MagHub). It is so nice to be able to set up my entire site with just a few videos (…90) and supplement with the guided walkthroughs. They help to show the true power of having everything in MagHub, as well as the functionality of every component within MagHub!

Video MagHub University

There you have it, with numerous help resources available such as Live Chat, Support Tickets, Feature Requests, Pendo Guides, Comprehensive Help Center, Hundreds of Videos, In-Person MagHub Universities, and On-Site Training available, there are plenty of resources available to get your MagHub site up and running! Curious to see how MagHub can improve your business? Click here to schedule some time with our Account Executives. Or, if you are a MagHub user and have a helpful tip, feel free to share it below.

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