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Time to Shred Those Spreadsheets

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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 12/18/2018

When you operate a business – any business – spreadsheets become your BFFs. If you operate a print and/or digital magazine publishing business, it can feel as if those spreadsheets take over your life:

  • Sales spreadsheets
  • Subscriptions gained/lost spreadsheets
  • AP/AR spreadsheets
  • Profit/loss spreadsheets
  • Ad tracking
  • Order tracking
  • Subscription tracking
  • Article/content tracking

Take a close look above and you’ll notice that each spreadsheet covers one aspect of business. Just. One. Each.

Time to Move to a Systems-Based Operation

Imagine how much easier your job as a magazine manager will be when you move from spreadsheets to a system such as MagHub. Our magazine CRM allows you to put those spreadsheets, sticky notes and calendars in the proverbial round file. You can automate your email marketing. Watch your finances in real time (or take a look at how it was doing 12 months ago), and so on.

Yes, you may have started using individual systems such as email marketing software, an online accounting platform, an advertising analysis program, etc. But imagine having all this in one CRM system, one that integrates with many of the online tools you already may be using.

Just Some of Our Integrations

  • Email marketing with MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Prospects today want information that will help them reach their goals or overcome their challenges.  Your digital magazine publishing customers want to know how advertising in an online or print publication will bring them their own new clients. Potential subscribers want to know  how your publication will give them the tools, information and news they need to thrive in their hobby, profession, education, training, etc.

You can send them this information automatically using email marketing platforms such as those listed above. MagHub’s magazine CRM integrates smoothly with both.

  • MailChimp users: send data-driven emails with our smooth integration with Mandrill.

No need to head over to Mandrill to send your email message via SMTP. You can instead send thousands of data-driven emails in seconds, including e-commerce messages and one-on-one personalized missives.

  • Put those finance spreadsheets online via QuickBooks and MagHub.

Our magazine manager platform integrates easily with QuickBooks as well as with PayPal/Payflow Pro, FirstData (for credit card processing), etc. Use them and watch the finance/business administration side of your publishing enterprise explode with efficiency.

  • Perform market research with ads software platform MediaRadar.

You want to know what your competitors charge for ads and subscriptions and MediaRadar helps you with sales intelligence, market research, ad compliance, and more.

We have more than 20 online platforms frequently used in the print and digital magazine publishing industry that integrate effortlessly with our platform, so you’ve no need to worry that you’ll need to leave MagHub to perform a critical marketing, finance, business, or customer service task.

Leave the “spreadsheet ethos” behind; contact us today to learn more about the MagHub magazine CRM.

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