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Top 10 Social Media Posting Tips

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 04/29/2021

Yes, everyone’s on social media.

But are you using it as effectively as possible to promote your company and your brand? Here are some tips from the experts at HubSpot and elsewhere on how to make the most of your social media presence.

And just to make sure we have you covered, here are some additional ideas and background, as well as here and here.

Post several times a day

About one to three times a day is a good number. This will help people remember you and  really help you establish a presence. You also can post user-generated content again, so you don’t have to continually fret about coming up with new content.

Work your brand into your social media posting.

Try to come up with different ways of including it in your social media marketing. It could be by attaching the company logo to the posts or using a company hashtag or doing profiles on employees.

Use interactive material

This is a great way to engage and interest readers. For example, people conduct Twitter polls to get others involved or do Q and A sessions on Instagram. You also can use interactive posts to help your audience learn about your products.

You can even ask people what kind of content they would like to see.

Use visual content

Generally, retweets with pictures get more clicks than those with just text. You don’t have to limit visuals to Instagram.

Infographics also make good visuals. You can, for example, post one about your industry or company on LinkedIn. You can tweet a meme about your office culture, or put a video on Facebook that gives a tour around your office.

Here are a few tips for more sophisticated social media mavens:

Use app updates

These include channels such as TikTok or IGTV. Adding these to your social media repertoire gives you access to about one billion phones.

These new apps can also help you show different aspects of your brand, such as posting a humorous video to TikTok.

Use influencers to promote products

Celebrities have a big impact on the younger crowd. Surveys show that 40 percent of al millennials are swayed by an influencer when that person pitches a product on a social channel. So, if you are trying to increase sales, working with such an influencer might be the way to go.

If you market to a younger audience, do some research and find out who the big influencers are for them and propose a partnership.

Vary the content on each social media site.

Let’s say you are now an expert at updating and syncing your content. You are ready for the next step – making that content unique. You need to diversify your content, but at the same time, be sure it all connects back to your company’s goal and mission.

Do a promotional effort

Run a contest on your Twitter account, for example. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be something as simple as giving a 15 percent discount on a product to a person who retweets. This helps to grow your audience, as well as generate leads.

Be timely

Tie your posts to something current to give them more relevance. This creates more interest and can give you a new way to present your product. The most popular way of doing this is with memes. But there are other ways of doing it. You can tie your posts to a current event, a sporting event, a season of the year, or a holiday.

Limit the number of hashtags

Some people like to go crazy with hashtags, 20 or even 30. But trying to go after too many different audiences will only dilute your impact and your returns. Better to focus on just 5 or 10 of the most relevant hashtags, including two or three that are special to just your brand.

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