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Top Four Reasons You Need a Sales Script

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Written by Aysling

Published: 08/04/2015

The process of writing a sales script provides valuable preparation for calls. It forces you to rehearse potential scenarios reinforcing all of the listed items below.

1) Increase Confidence

Imagine you need to give a speech to a crowd of 5,000 people who don’t want to hear what you have to say. Now imagine you have to do that without preparing. If you’re doing any sort of calling — whether that be cold calling or following up with someone you met recently at a conference — that process can be quite intimidating. It’s easy for even the most confident person to get tongue-tied and distracted. A sales script can give you a clear objective and a way of obtaining that objective. Ultimately, sales calls need to be real, organic, and conversational, but a script is something to fall back on if you come up blank with what to say next.

2) More Empathy

In the heat of the moment there often is a swirl of emotions and concerns that can distract from being able to really hear what your prospect is saying. A good sales script will make sure you spend less than 50% of the time talking. Such a script will be structured with mostly questions and enough information to help your prospect reveal what they need and want. If your takeaway is why they will stick with your competitor, that is a very valuable piece of information that I’m sure your CEO would like to know.

3) Focus

While it is important to keep the conversation, well, conversational, sometimes there are inquiries about your product that are less than helpful. If they ask you a question about something regarding your publication that you’re not sure about that will require you to follow up, it’s a good idea to find out why they are asking. For example: “Does your digital edition support Blackberry?” They might be asking because the demographic they want to advertise to uses Blackberry, or they might be asking because they’re just curious. Responding: “I’m not sure, does your company need it to?” can be very revealing.

4) Save Time

A good sales script will help you focus your attention on the questions that matter. More importantly, they should be crafted to enable your sales team to quickly qualify a lead. They can help you determine if their organization has a need, if this is the right person in the organization to be talking about, and whether it is within budget and their timeline (see qualifying leads).

Sales scripts help increase confidence, empower empathetic listening, focus the conversation, and save time qualifying through intelligent questions.

Special thanks to Mark Shalinsky (@MarkShalinsky) for his contribution.


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