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Webinars of MagHub: 2021 Recap

Written by Aysling

Published: 02/23/2022

MagHub’s webinars are full of helpful information, along with tips, tricks, and valuable insight from our team.

And they are available on demand for anyone who wants to view them. All you need to do is go to our webinars page, click on the icon for the webinar you want to watch, provide a few contact details, and you are ready to go.

We are also making new ones, with about a dozen new releases showcasing new features and benefits.

Here is a sample of some of the MagHub webinars you can watch.

Adobe InDesign

This webinar gives you an overview of the capabilities of this program, along with a step-by-step breakdown of how to use InDesign in conjunction with MagHub. InDesign can be used to create documents with substantial graphics and well-designed layouts that combine text and graphics.

The MagHub instructor takes you through examples of how it works. He explains how to design pages and create visual layouts.

Event Management

This webinar explains how to use MagHub to set up sponsors and collect payments. It shows you how to manage the entire event process from sales to check-in, how to customize email tickets, ticket packages, and your storefront.

HubSpot Partner Webinar

In this webinar, MagHub reps talk with several of our clients about the ways in which they use HubSpot and MagHub together. Their discussion provides valuable insight for anyone interested in learning more about the MagHub-HubSpot integration.

 We spoke with Megan Kendrick of Kendrick Content and Todd Schmidt of Palm Beach Media.

Todd Schmidt said Palm Beach turned to HubSpot and MagHub as Palm Beach’s needs grew with the integration of websites and webforms. He particularly likes the workflow automation of HubSpot, where information is assigned automatically to both HubSpot and MagHub to generate leads.

Client, Subscriber, and Vendor Portals

This webinar covers all of the various services available to clients, subscribers, and vendors in the MagHub portals. There is, for example, a client center for each where customers can log in and see their account information.

There are an abundance of features that can be added to portals; including: 

    • Timesheets, invoices, payments, and projects in Vendor Portals.
    • Subscriber information, active subscriptions, and on-record addresses in Subscriber Portals.
    • Billing, artwork, orders, tickets, and other services in Client Portals.

Data and Reporting

In this webinar, MagHub reps talk about how MagHub can help customers manage all of their data.

MagHub enables you to create detailed sales forecasts, financial summaries, track sales rep performance, and use filters to generate custom reporting fields.

The webinar also talks about MagHub’s data warehouse. The data warehouse is a subset of the data kept in MagHub’s operational database. The warehouse contains data on contacts, companies, sales, activities, invoice data, commissions data, and general ledger information.

And the webinar explains how the report building tool Metabase works, giving some examples.

Managing Projects with MagHub

This webinar focuses on how to manage projects using MagHub. It covers a range of topics, including project templates, using the project management system for internal and external projects, and using it for customer onboarding as well.

We’d love to show you how our the MagHub cloud-based software solution can handle all aspects of your publishing enterprise, everything from subscriptions, flatplanning, billing, contractors, projects, and marketing.

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