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Yes, We Integrate With…

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 08/05/2019

Is it wrong to a love an app integrator? Not when it’s Zapier. After all, the ability to integrate more than 1,500 apps. Sign. Us. UP! 

And if you’ve already done so – signed up with Zapier – as well as other software tools and platforms, and wish to add another to your toolbox such as MagHub (yes, PLEASE!), don’t worry: our ERP/CRM integrates with a plethora of terrific apps and digital tools.

We know that many people already have multiple applications for just about every part of their business and they’re not ready to give those tools up, even if MagHub is a publishing tool that makes it practically a one-stop publishing shop. But don’t worry: you can work with our APIs and your software and your team, or you can hire ours to create a dedicated integration that will fulfill your needs perfectly.

Here’s a (very incomplete) list of some of our integrations. Take a look below.



As mentioned above, this tool lets you link your web apps with just a few clicks, allowing them to share data. You can automate info sharing between apps with workflows called Zaps, allowing you to build processes faster. And what do faster processes bring? Quicker and better results!


Adobe Logo

If you use this tool of Adobe’s either we can integrate it for you or you can do so yourself with our online instructions, allowing you to continue using this page design software to create and publish incredible documents for  your print and digital media.


MagHub and QBO work really well together, meaning company information, invoices and payments automatically export to QBO when you create or update them in MagHub.


Slack Logo

This workplace collaboration and communication tool works seamlessly with MagHub, allowing you to communicate one-on-one with anyone also on your Slack, or create a group message. What’s more, you’ll be able to search for anything inside it and upload and download files.

This email marketing software platform allows you to stay in touch and nurture your prospects. The MagHub publishing tools integrates seamlessly with Mailchimp’s processes, allowing you to send marketing messages to your customers, readers, clients, vendors, and others at will.

If you love making and receiving text messages via Twilio, you can connect to it in MagHub and make phone calls from your site.

While MagHub easily integrates with many software tools, you’ll need to let us integrate Office 365 with MagHub for you. Once integrated, any appointment added to MagHub will add it to a MagHub calendar in your Outlook.

If you’d like to schedule a demonstration of the MagHub ERP’s integration capabilities with different digital tools and to discuss your current software titles, or if you’re a current MagHub client and you want to learn how to use more integrations and connect your existing tools, call us at 844-696-2448 for more information. You also can email us at info@adorbit.com or contact us via our online form.

MagHub is the most updated CRM/ERP Tool for Media Publishers of all sizes. Whether you manage B2B, B2C, or Niche publications, MagHub has all the tools needed to run every department of your business; from Sales to Production. Click Request Information to learn more today, or click One-Click Updates to follow MagHub.

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