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Increased Revenue Accuracy
with Ad Orbit’s Forecasting Module

MetroCorp Publishing x Ad Orbit: Case Study

Diane Schwartz, Director of Operations at MetroCorp Media, shares her experience implementing the Ad Orbit forecasting module and what benefits she, leadership, and the sales team are seeing.

“We have a lot of reps who, by category, tend to sell the same things into the same issue and to show them how easy it would be to just click and add rather than to have to spend tons of time adding each thing individually. That was really a lightbulb moment.”

Because Ad Orbit is a complete publishing workflow tool, there are many time-saving and cost-reducing features. While the forecasting module falls outside of the Order Management System (OMS), Delivery, and Billing modules, it serves as a key part of the advertising sales process. If managed successfully and accurately, a sales forecast can help business leadership make important decisions. While no forecast is 100% accurate, Ad Orbit users can create forecasts from previous orders to easily project renewals.

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