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Client and Vendor Portals

Ad Orbit helps you give your customers a seamless ad buying experience. 

Most publishing companies rely on manual entry from sales. 

Ensuring everyone is on the same page and that all of the payment information, order details, and artwork are given to the appropriate people is a full-time job. A lot of magazines also face a bottleneck when it comes to getting content from their personnel or services from vendors.

Ad Orbit simplifies this through customizable portals. Give your clients access to order history, let them interact with proposals, approve orders digitally, make payments online, and send service requests. If an agency purchases on behalf of another company, Ad Orbit coordinates the exchange of funds and artwork through online portals.

Client and Vendor Portal Features

  • Customize your portals with your branding
  • Control options for client interactions
  • Send interactive proposals
  • Share order history & statuses with your customers
  • Receive digital signatures for quick approval
  • Process payments online
  • Enable your clients, personnel, and partners to upload artwork or editorials
  • Allow your subscribers to manage their subscriptions and details.

With Ad Orbit’s customizable Client, Vendor, and Subscriber Portals, you have the ability to simplify your processes.

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