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Subscription and Distribution Portals

Ad Orbit gives your customers full control over their payments and services.

A magazine publisher is nothing without its subscribers.

 Managing subscriptions, however, can be complicated. Ad Orbit lets you ditch the bloated Excel spreadsheets and confusing outdated databases. Allow subscribers to sign up and pay online with a custom-branded module you can place on your website.

If you have distribution routes, Ad Orbit can also help, giving managers the ability to set drop-off locations, establish routes, and sync them with Google Maps. Create custom Subscriber Portals that allow your subscribers access to their subscriptions, with auto-renewal, subscription scheduler, and address verification functionality.

Client and Vendor Portal Features

  • Manage subscriber info
  • Collect new subscriptions with payment details online
  • Set distribution drop off locations
  • Establish routes and route sheets
  • Integrate delivery details with Google Maps
  • Generate delivery reports
  • Enable auto-renewals for subscribers
  • Utilize the Subscriber Center, creating branded Subscriber Portals
  • Verify correct addresses

Manage your subscriptions, subscribers, and distribution all from within one system.

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