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Ecommerce Platform

Ad Orbit helps you setup a modern digital storefront for events, merchandise, and more. 

You’re a publisher, but more importantly you are a business.

Therefore it’s likely you sell something. Whether that’s subscriptions, advertisements, hard/soft goods, services, event tickets, or a combination. With Ad Orbit’s Ecommerce solution, we offer all of the tools necessary to manage your sales with MagHub, from product management, inventory, and shipping, to payment collection.

Have your own storefront on your website that has been designed from the ground up? That’s not a problem you can use our back-office module to integrate with it. Or perhaps you’re just starting to look at selling your goods online, Ad Orbit’s customizable storefront allows you to get up and running in only a few steps. In no time, you’ll be selling your goods/services online, earning you additional revenue. We’re a big fan of eating what we cook; check out our storefront!



Ecommerce Features

  • Sell subscriptions, advertisements, hard/soft goods, services, and event tickets with Ad Orbit’s Ecommerce solution
  • Manage the entire sales process from the storefront to the end sale
  • Manage all customer data from within Ad Orbit
  • All modules interact with each other, once a customer purchases a subscription, they are now a subscriber
  • Manage inventory, shipping, and product details with Ad Orbit

With Ad Orbit’s Ecommerce module you are adding another channel to reach your customers, and increase your revenue.


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