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Aysling’s Continuing Education Philosophy is Evident with the Success of the Inaugural “MagHub University”

Written by Chaturi Wijesundera

Published: 03/28/2016

Industry-changing program for MagHub, developed for users of their magazine CRM and publishing workflow software by the Ann Arbor-based technology firm, enjoys resounding success among participants

Ann Arbor, Mich., (March 28, 2016) — Aysling, a leading publishing software and digital media management solutions firm, recently held its inaugural MagHub University; a three-day program focusing on host Aysling’s industry-first Continuing Education Philosophy. Developed as a hands-on learning experience for users of MagHub, Aysling’s magazine CRM and publishing workflow software, MagHub U participants were privileged to take part in a series of interactive presentations from Aysling’s technical analysts as they navigated their own MagHub systems and received in-depth instruction on the software’s features, such as sales and contact management, billing, and distribution.

Aysling’s MagHub University was designed and delivered in an education-first method, changing the industry – as well as the way end-users look to their CRM software developers. “Other software developers offer a lighthouse approach to help guide their clients during implementation and training, “ said Patrick Becker, CEO of Aysling. “We believe that in order to guarantee the success and user adoption of the platform we need to be hands on and in the boat, helping them sail.”

The MagHub University program also gave individuals the opportunity to connect with other publishers from around the country, much like themselves, as well as the chance to get to know the people behind the innovative platform. “The presentation of the product and the key to its operation, presented by the actual persons who designed MagHub and actually make things happen, was very helpful in allowing us to get to know the company,” said MagHub U participant Paul Chernoff, Director of Technology at Washingtonian Media, Inc.

The quality and detail of the presentations were a key factor in the success of the event for those who participated, such as Chernoff, who was new to using the software. “An incredible amount of information would help immeasurably in setting up a MagHub system. [MagHub University] was beyond what I expected in terms of detail, but everything I expected in terms of breadth.”

An added benefit to the program for individuals was the ability to follow along with the presentations and make small changes to their MagHub systems as they were detailed in the program. “We have been able to make simple tweaks to the system to improve [our system] tremendously,” said Jessica Krogman, Sales Administrator at Madavor Media. Her coworker, Courtney Carter, who is the Director of Operations at Madavor, shared similar sentiments. “We changed a good deal of the dynamic attributes MagHub offers, and the MagHub University team made the process very clear.”

Though Carter and Krogman were not new to the software, they still found their experience at MagHub University very useful. “[MagHub University] helped us understand how everything in MagHub works together so that everyone [at our company] can work together,” said Krogman. Carter found that although not all of the material covered was relevant to her role, learning about the different aspects of the system made MagHub University a very valuable experience. “Even though coming into the week I was somewhat familiar with the sales and accounting capabilities of MagHub, to learn the editorial side – something that I’d never been part of in the past – was huge.”

MagHub University takes place quarterly in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The next session will be held from June 7-9th 2016. Sessions are limited to the first 12 registrants. For more information, please visit the MagHub University website.


Aysling is the leading provider of marketing software solutions and digital media production services for publishers, retailers, corporations and agencies around the world. Working with partners like WoodWing, vjoon, and Adobe, Aysling delivers multi-channel production systems for exceptional content creation and audience engagement for print, web, and mobile. The company also develops two CRM products: MagHub, for magazine publishers, and Juggernaut CRM, for small to medium-sized businesses. Aysling was founded in 2005 and is proud to have worked with brands like Amway, Angie’s List, Bryn Mawr Communications, Forbes, Hearst, i-5, Meredith, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Time, The United Nations and many others.


More than ten years in the making, MagHub has become an essential tool for publishers to manage all facets of magazine publishing. In addition to being a CRM tool for ad sales, MagHub’s features also include order creation and invoicing, billing, production management, and human resource management. Since its commercialization in 2013, MagHub has quickly found success within the publishing community and has become the standard for customer relationship management and media business operations.


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