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Thirty Second Thursdays – BCC’ing Emails

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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 06/20/2019

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Thirty Second Thursdays – BCC’ing Emails

By: Zach Gilbert, Director of Marketing

A super handy feature of MagHub is the BCC feature. Did you know that you can setup MagHub’s BCC feature in your settings inside MagHub and within a few minutes your sent emails will be logged into MagHub automatically when you send them. No more copying and pasting, and creating activities. As long as you use the BCC email address when you send the emails you’ll be able to log your emails from any email service in existence (even if you’re not by your computer)! Then again, if you send emails directly from within MagHub, they’ll automatically be logged as well, plus you can track, opens, clicks, and unsubscribes all from within your MagHub instance.

As an individual who has used dozens of CRMs in the past, making sure your CRM contact records were updated was always a time consuming task. MagHub’s BCC feature is a quick and easy way to make sure your activities are being logged properly, and avoiding you to have to manually add those activities. Did you also know you can do the same with MagHub’s Twilio integration for phone calls? These time-efficient tasks, are what makes MagHub the true media publishing ad sales platform. Want to learn more about MagHub? Click here to schedule some time with our Account Executives. Or, if you are a MagHub user and have a helpful tip, feel free to share it below.

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