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Aysling Team Spotlight: Jenny Oister

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 09/19/2019

Meet Jenny

Every office has a mother hen, and ours without a doubt is today’s Aysling Team Spotlight. Though she’s now comfortably living in Florida, and not our Ann Arbor office, we always hear her… Always.

Whether she’s calling prospects who fill out one of our webforms, traveling the country attending conferences and roundtables for publisher associations of all shapes an sizes, or calling existing clients and making sure they are aware of new updates, new features, and new opportunities to grow their business, there’s no doubt that if you’re aware of MagHub, then you’re definitely aware of Jenny O.

Let’s take a few minutes to learn more about Jenny, and the wealth of knowledge and experience she brings to our team.

What’s your name?

Jenny Oister

What is your job title at Aysling?

Senior Account Executive

So what does that mean you actually do?

I promote and sell MagHub to prospects and attend many conferences promoting MagHub.

How long have you worked at Aysling?

4 1/2 Years

What is your favorite thing about working at Aysling?

Working at Aysling is like having more family members, everyone is friendly and always willing to help.

What is/was your favorite magazine publication?

Hmm, now that is a hard. I love going into new cities and looking at their local City Regional Magazine.

If you had to publish your own magazine, what would it be about?

How to survive in a technological world as a “seasoned” professional. 😀

What is the one piece of software you cannot live without?

MagHub of course! I couldn’t live without my Calendar/Agenda inside of MagHub. It helps so I know who I need to call or email, and what appointments I have coming up. My clients can be assured that whether they ask me to reach back out in two weeks or two months, that I will mark a “to-do”, that way I don’t lose track of when to reach back out.

What is your favorite season?


If you could live in any movie/television show, which one would it be? And why?

Penny from The Big Bang Theory, she’s the #1 Sales Rep working with a bunch of techies!

Board, Card, or Video Games?

Card Games

Favorite type of sandwich?

Philly Cheese Steak

Interesting fact about yourself?

I was the first woman to sell Packaging Machinery without an engineering degree and was so successful that the company I was working for had its largest sales dollar volume as I was able to acquire an order for 25 machines for M&M’s Mars Company.

And finally, what is your favorite quote/lyric (movie, television show, song, or inspirational)?

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish”

– John Quincy Adams

I’m still surprised that for our bi-weekly lunch we haven’t done Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches because they seem to be a favorite around our office!

Well there you have it, another terrific Aysling Team Spotlight! To be honest, we would have thought Jenny would have said her favorite quote was: “If it doesn’t exist in MagHub, then it doesn’t exist”. If you’re a Sales Director or Sales Manager, and have a team of Account Managers on your team, and you’re having a hard time getting them to adopt your CRM system, then you need someone like Jenny on your team. We’re fortunate to have Jenny and her persistence on our team.

Next week join us as we meet another member of the Aysling | MagHub team, this individual has about thirty titles at our company (alright maybe three or four), and is probably online on our company Slack the most, any guesses? Interested in chatting to Jenny about MagHub? Or interested in discussing how your team can implement a CRM as efficiently as Jenny?  Then click the link below to learn more.

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