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Budgets, Projects, and Snowbirds: MagHub Release 6.1 

Written by Tom Bellen

Published: 02/22/2018

Last week MagHub distributed Release 6.1 to all of its users. Below you will find a few of the many useful/requested features and improvements to the magazine CRM and publishing workflow tool. Have questions, or are interested in learning more about MagHub? Click here to reach out to our MagHub experts.

Editorial Features

A new feature in 6.1 is the ability to set an editorial budget, and set restrictions based around that budget. This allows you to track the changes on your publication metrics reporting.

MagHub Issue Budget

Example: Issue A has an editorial budget of $10,000 that can be given to writers/photographers. Currently the issue has $9,000 in assignments already allocated. John Smith attempts to charge $1,500 and is automatically prompted an error, as it exceeds the set $10,000 budget.

Another new feature tied in with the editorial section, is the ability to send out a vendor agreement. This is a similar setup as the order sales portion of MagHub, which allows users to click on a link, and digitally sign the order, avoiding the need for the user to log in.

Improved Project Tracking 

Users now have the ability to track project status, and history in the project board system.  Users can also add notes to their projects to keep everyone up to date.  Again, giving you complete visibility/consistency of your projects.

MagHub Project Status

Additional Subscription Options

Continuing on our past improvements for subscription options, MagHub Release 6.1 adds a new address feature that allows you to have the subscription address automatically change for you, depending on a customer’s vacation, snowbird, or scheduling needs. Other subscription improvements include providing more robust search options.

MagHub Edit Subscription

Example: Rose lives in Minnesota, April through September; however, in October Rose moves to Florida. Within the subscriptions section, you can now schedule which months to change her primary address, including switching it back after she returns to Minnesota.

Do you have updated automation workflows for users that have an expiring ad contract notification setup with Slack? You can now link directly to that order, to do a renewal right from that link and send it out to the customer. We’ve also added the ability to force a user/customer to add a payment method on file, when an order is approved they have to provide a credit card, or ACH account.

Have snowbirds of your own, or are interested in seeing these new features/improvements in action? Click here to request more information, or schedule your one-on-one demo with our MagHub experts. Already a MagHub user? You can view the full list, with a deeper dive of improvements/features found in 6.1, under the Release Notes section found in your MagHub Help Center. 


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