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Equip Your Ad Sales Reps with Marketing Tools

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 03/20/2020

Your marketing team members market and your sales reps sell. And never the twain shall meet, right? After all, once the sale is made, it’s made. The rep may email his or her clients individually, but  there’s no need to email customers en masse, as in – good golly! – email marketing-type emails. Like, um, marketers do.

No, a thousand times, no!! Email marketing after the sale is a wise thing to do.

A particularly savvy move for publishers

How so? Well, publishers – whether they’re online or print – often have advertisers. And the more often advertisers place an ad with you, all the better. Advertisers aren’t always all-the-time customers, such as those who pay a utility for services each month. But they very well could become such if you encourage them.

For example, what if an advertiser has a six-month contract? Of course your sales rep will approach them near the end of the contract. But what if the rep had kept in touch with the advertiser consistently over the months? What if the sales rep had treated the customer as a prospect, and sent emails filled with marketing-type messages that reminded the advertiser about the benefits of continuing to advertise with you?

You engage with prospects; keep engaging with advertisers

As mentioned above, your sales reps probably email individual advertisers every now and then. To be clear: we’re not talking about that.

Instead, we’re talking about email marketing to your advertisers.

After all, you undoubtedly send electronic newsletters to your subscribers; why not send mass emails to advertisers?

Not a job for marketers: have your sales team send them

Could you designate the marketing department to perform the email marketing to current advertisers? Sure. But your marketers are focused on turning leads into prospects, not keeping them as customers. But if your sales reps send them, they will be very interested in checking out open rates and other data very carefully. After all, a recurring advertiser means recurring commission payments!

A robust CRM offers mass email marketing capabilities for your sales team

The MagHub cloud-based software CRM solution, for example, can help your marketing team members and your sales reps send out mass emails to current advertisers, all the while looking as if each email was sent to each advertiser individually. This is incredibly powerful, because reaching out to advertisers (seemingly) one-to-one is incredibly effective.

With the MagHub CRM you’ll be able to track interactions across emails, to see who is opening them, who clicks on a link within them, and so on. You’ll be able to engage effectively with a large group of advertisers – and even prospects, of course – allowing you to engage with dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) current advertisers at a time.


You WANT to know when an advertiser opens an email!

Open rates are wonderful things: they show the recipient is interested in what you have to say, at least a bit. A healthy open rate among your current advertisers is a very good thing, especially if they open them regularly: they probably are happy with the results of their ads in your magazine and they could be well interested in hearing from a sales rep about renewing their contract.

But if you’re not staying in contact with advertisers and marketing to them as if they are prospects (because they actually are if they haven’t renewed their contract…), you could well end up losing them when it’s time to re-up.


Give your ad reps the gift of email marketing

Help your sales representatives continue their relationships with your advertisers with our robust CRM.  What’s more, MagHub is more than a “mere” CRM: it can help you manage your entire publishing enterprise, from project management, sales management, subscription management, contractor and employee management, and more.

MagHub is, basically, one tool that can manage your entire publishing business!

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