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Implementation is Key

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 08/30/2019

Let’s predict that you’ve decided that MagHub is everything you could want in an ERP and CRM for publishers.

But let’s also assume that you’re a tad…nervous: how difficult, annoying and/or lengthy and full of problems will the MagHub onboarding process be? Plus, how long is the learning curve for new users?

Rest assured: we have you covered! Take a look below at the, tools, release notes, user help, and more we provide for our MagHub family.

As soon as you sign with us, we provide you with a complete implementation plan, one that’s led by our project team.  Follow the clear plan step-by-step and you’ll be up and enjoying MagHub’s power to help you easily and efficiently operate your online/offline publishing enterprise.

In addition:

  • We’re proud to say that we have an extremely robust Help Center, one that’s written by our team members who use MagHub themselves all the time. They have been the guinea pigs, if you will, so that you’ll be able to “plug and play” with your new ERP as much as possible.
  • If you’re a visual learner, we have an incredible video library available, one that’s often guided by Tom Bellen, our product manager, or Jeremy Lewis, our client success manager. These two professionals eat, sleep (and dream) MagHub’s platform.
  • We offer daily webinars that cover how each of your media company’s different departments can use our CRM.
  • We offer monthly release notes as well as webinars and release emails every time we issue a new module. (All of these are available in MagHub’s Help Center.)
  • You’ll enjoy highly-rated support provided by team members based in the U.S.
  • We provide custom guides using Pendo’s technology to help you navigate the site and complete actions within the platform.
  • We also offer customized guides based on user-role needs (available with Pendo).
  • Come on down and see us in the flesh during our bi-monthly MagHub University classes held at our Ann Arbor office.
  • Let’s not forget: our annual MagHub Fall Forum. Only our clients can attend, so you’ll be among wonderful friends.
  • Having trouble setting up a MagHub instance? We have onboarding email workflows that share all the steps necessary to set one up.
  • We can – of course! – offer on-site training at your location. We also provide phone support as well as live chat.

There Will be Hurdles

Will your MagHub implementation go smoothly, with absolutely no hiccups? Of course not! But months of mistakes, roll backs, banging heads against desks in frustration? Hardly.

We’ve designed the MagHub onboarding process for our users to be as stress free, efficient and quick as possible. We’re a mere live chat or email S.O.S. away.

Bottom line? Do you really need all types of different publishing platforms to be successful? Not when you use MagHub. In addition, moving to a one-stop publishing ERP/CRM such as MagHub means you won’t have to worry about having to keep up with each of your different software platforms’ feature updates (which always take place at different times, never together) and research each platform’s new release to make sure it’s compatible with your other platforms’ new releases/new features.

Instead, make life much simpler for your publishing company and contact us at info@adorbit.com or ask us for more information. We also hope you’ll call us with any and all questions at 734-997-9500.

MagHub is the most updated CRM/ERP Tool for Media Publishers of all sizes. Whether you manage B2B, B2C, or Niche publications, MagHub has all the tools needed to run every department of your business; from Sales to Production. Click Request Information to learn more today, or click One-Click Updates to follow MagHub.

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