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MagHub + Websites = Something Sweet

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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 02/26/2019

What is Sweets & Meats?

Sweets & Meats started off as a grand idea from MagHub Product Manager, Tom Bellen. Tom’s idea was to combine the best things about baking, and the best things about grilling/smoking meat, and putting them together in one restaurant. However, due to lack of financial backers, the dream died. That is until one day, the MagHub team required a topic for a faux website that would highlight the power of combining a client’s publications website and their MagHub instance. Thus, Sweets & Meats Magazine was reborn.

The Sweets & Meats Magazine website is a test/demo site to showcase the power of what’s capable when you combine MagHub and your current website into one synchronous tool. Continue to read on to learn more about what’s possible with MagHub and your media publication’s website.

Sign Up For A Newsletter

It’s likely that if you are a media publisher, that you have a newsletter available on your website. Why not have those contacts automatically added into your MagHub instance? This form (paired with Gravity Forms), directly connects your newsletter subscribers to your MagHub instance. From there you can manage automatic email campaigns, create lists, and many other tasks pertaining to providing quality content to your e-subscribers.

Did you also know we can do paywalled content as well? If you’re a current client you can reach out to your Account Executive and get a custom development quote today.

Sell With MagHub

Do you sell hard/soft goods, advertisements, or other goods/services on your website? Why not integrate that portion of your business with MagHub? Whether you have your own existing storefront or want to use ours; you can manage your products, inventory, and storefront with MagHub.

Event Management

Tying in with the MagHub eCommerce and Storefront module listed above, did you know that you can manage ticketing and basic event management within MagHub? From ticket design to ticket sales, you can manage all of your event details within MagHub.

Support and Information

Sometimes your contacts need to reach you, and rather than just have separate forms, and emails ending up in various inboxes; why not have their requests sent directly into MagHub so the right people can answer right away?

Request Media Kit

You manage your advertising and rate cards in MagHub, why not manage your media kit there too! Collect valuable advertiser information every time they want to access your Media Kit. Assign those leads to your Account Executives and capture advertising business.

Manage Your Subscriptions

No publisher’s website would be complete without the option to sign up and purchase subscriptions. Use our subscription forms, or build your own and start generating subscribers, that are managed in MagHub.

As you can see there are many opportunities to connect your MagHub instance to your website. Interested in seeing the site first hand? Visit www.sweetsandmeatsmagazine.com to see for yourself the many possibilities available. Interested in a complete walkthrough/demo of MagHub and Sweets & Meats Magazine? Click here to reach out to our Account Executives, and we’ll get that scheduled.

Did you know that combining Websites and MagHub will also be a topic for a workshop at this year’s MagHub Forum? Be sure to check out the full agenda to find the topics that interest you the most!

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