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Tom’s Tips Podcast: Episode 4 – MagHub Release Double Hitter, and You Guessed It… Cats.

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Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 08/27/2018

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Audio Transcript

Announcer: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Tom’s Tips Podcast, your place for obscure movie references, cat facts, and everything MagHub related. Now, your host, MagHub product manager, Tom Bellen.

Tom Bellen: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Tom’s Tips Podcast, the combined version of 6.6 and 6.7 releases, where we’re gonna go over some of the main features we had for the last few months. Before we get to that exciting part, I do wanna welcome a special guest we have for this podcast, Jeremy Lewis, whose title is changed or updated. What’s the title now? I forgot.

Jeremy Lewis: Client engagement manager.

Tom Bellen: Client engagement manager.

Jeremy Lewis: Recently changed, in the last month or so, purely because we got new name tags that we are wearing at MagHub U and MagHub forum events.

Zach Gilbert: You’re welcome.

Tom Bellen: Thank you.

Jeremy Lewis: So yeah, my title had to be decided.

Tom Bellen: Yeah. Thank you, Zach. Again, Zach here, moderating and doing that. Speaking of MagHub U, we actually just finished up a very personalized MagHub U Jeremy was running for one of our new customers. How did that go, Jeremy? How was MagHub U for Southern Boating?

Jeremy Lewis: Really good. We created all of the things that they need to do to go back home and start using the site tomorrow. Imported some data, created some orders. One month’s worth of order so they can have that as an example, and then also set up the site completely for them so they can continue working. Worked out great.

Tom Bellen: Ready to go. I know how much you love data. You love data about as much as I love my cat. I know that you have a cat as well, so I don’t know your feelings of your cat.

Jeremy Lewis: Not a huge fan of my cat. Lately, he’s been okay, but for a while he was peeing on all of my stuff. Not on my wife’s.

Tom Bellen: Nice.

Jeremy Lewis: Just mine.

Tom Bellen: Well, that’s a smart cat.

Jeremy Lewis: Yeah.

Tom Bellen: We actually have that problem. My cat, who has diabetes, and I have to buy morning insulin for him, which is gonna cost me $300 to buy, he actually also, I don’t know if it was on the last podcast, urinated all over our basement and we spent-

Jeremy Lewis: Nice of him.

Tom Bellen: Basically a nice, lovely weekend throwing things out, cleaning up all the carpets and things, and now I can’t really use the basement anymore.

Jeremy Lewis: You should probably just move, at this point.

Tom Bellen: We should. One of the things I was thinking is we could do one of those criss-cross Throw Momma From The Train motives, you hate your cat, I hate my cat. We can’t dispose of our cats because we’ll easily be blamed as the motive because our wives will know that we got rid of the cat.

Jeremy Lewis: True.

Tom Bellen: If I get rid of your cat and you get rid of my cat, and we’re unaware of it happening, criss-cross. That was a Hitchcock film and then later remade into Throw Momma From the Train, great movie with Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal. I think Zach wasn’t sure if I was gonna come up with that name.

Zach Gilbert: Yeah, you were struggling.

Tom Bellen: He thinks I was struggling. You know what we weren’t struggling with, this is 6.6 and 6.7 releases, that’s called the transition, thank you very much. It’s been a couple months since we had both of those releases over the summer. A lot of really the main thing, I guess with both of them, was really just more of that proving things that we had. Back in 2.6.6, that was one of the things where we updated our projects module, we did some different re-design, some updates to the UX of it, allowing some more inline editing, putting in some other types of features. So, even if you’re not too familiar with the projects module or haven’t used it, things of time tracking, keeping track of customer accounts, if you do plan around with it, there are some concepts that we’re thinking of putting into other parts of the site.

Tom Bellen: Along with that, we’ve added some new prompts to users as they’re making changes, asking some of the other changes they may wanna make in terms of things in MagBuilder, like do you wanna place this so close to a category that’s the same? There’s that kind of prompt. There’s also prompts if you’re deleting companies, just letting you know to also delete those contacts as well. We’ve also again updated our gadgets. We’ve tweaked a couple of the gadgets, we’re planning some more gadget tweaks, but giving you that dashboard of creating your own gadgets, naming the gadgets so you can filter through. Maybe you have a dashboard for goals, dashboard for activities, dashboard for tickets, instead of having just one long fun page of gadgets. That was in there as well.

Jeremy Lewis: Is there a cat dashboard yet, Tom?

Tom Bellen: There’s not a cat dashboard, but you could rename your dashboard cats and then you could have, if you have cat issues, you could rename each of the gadgets based on a famous cat, for example. Always remember, if anyone’s listening and wants Jeremy or my cat, who are thinking of cats, you’re welcome to them, just let us know. They are free.

Jeremy Lewis: Sure.

Tom Bellen: We have that going on as well. We made a couple updates to automation in terms of ticket workflows, ticket being updated or not. Again, just revamping that item as well. Leaning more to 6.7, again, we did some more fun things with MailChimp, taken integration, which we’ve updated, make it in your tab, making it easier to see and our movie side campaigns too, what their actions are on that. Again, more items in terms of project tasks and management. We’ve also updated some of the order tracking, in terms of lost orders for forecasting purpose. If you lose an order, why? So, you can communicate that back with the team. If they didn’t follow through on it, let’s see what we can do to go back to them.

Tom Bellen: In the cases of not losing orders, recently added the ability to track re-signatures on orders or amendments on orders. We know that things change in the industry, you have to update the issue, you update size, prices change. It happens all the way through, right up until last minute, but if you do wanna cover your butt a bit, you can send that contract out, get that customer to sign it again so you have that record so if, unfortunately, you ever have to go to court or you just wanna make sure that they agreed to the change and you made the right change, then you can capture that for your records as well. Again, not too many brand new features, but more just taking updating that. One other one was, in case I forget before we get to the movie trivia, was that subscription renewal code.

Tom Bellen: Again, we’ve had those options for renewals in terms of last few months we’ve given people email renewals with one click, we’ve given the ability to set things up for automated renewals. Now, send out a code, maybe on a postcard or mailing list, to be able to just go to the site, put in your zip code, put in renewal code, and renew, in case you don’t have an email. For those of you with emails, one of the things we’re doing this next release is actually tracking if there’s already a subscriber by email in your site. Getting that subscriber email really helps for our portal, for auto-renews, and will be able to prevent duplicates as well. Speaking of duplicates, sort of, kind of a transition because there’s multiple of what I’m about to say, we all have children. Right?

Jeremy Lewis: Yeah, true.

Tom Bellen: We’ve all made that mistake of giving up our freedom and wallets for children for their love, I guess. The other day, I watched the movie Tully. Have you already seen that movie?

Jeremy Lewis: I have not. No.

Tom Bellen: Have you seen that movie? My wife wanted to watch it. She was like, we should watch Tully. I’m like, this is a mistake. This is a mistake. It’s a movie written by Diablo Cody with, I wanna say Ivan Reitman, but it’s Jason Reitman, the son of Ivan, and then Charlize Theron is in it. Or, it’s Theron? Isn’t it? It’s basically about this woman who’s just over tired. She’s pregnant, she’s about to have another kid, kind of worn out, and this person comes to help her.  They have these Modello bottles, for anyone who does any of that fun stuff. They’re all over the place. You know kids, just being exhausted. Of course, my wife’s watching this, and she sees the kid and emotions and it’s like, 10:00 and she starts crying. She’s like, I need to hold our baby.

Jeremy Lewis: Oh, yeah.

Tom Bellen: So then, she wakes up our son to hold him while she’s crying this entire movie. Anyway, it was good. It was an enjoyable film.

Jeremy Lewis: Wait, she woke up a sleeping baby?

Tom Bellen: She woke up the sleeping baby. She had to pick him up.

Jeremy Lewis: Wow.

Tom Bellen:  It was an emotional reaction. I knew it was gonna happen. If we watch this, it’s not gonna go well, it’s gonna get emotional. She got emotional, she cried, she picked up the baby. Good thing she doesn’t listen to this podcast.

Jeremy Lewis: Amazing.

Tom Bellen: Anyway, I said transition to duplicates. That was the film, with Charlize Theron, Diablo Cody, and Jason Reitman. This is actually the second movie-

Jeremy Lewis: All three of them have been on?

Tom Bellen: That those three have been on.

Jeremy Lewis: Wow.

Tom Bellen: That’s actually the third of the Reitman/Cody writing/director writing duo. The question, if you do tweet back at us for a amazing prize, is tell us first the film that all three of them did before this one, and then the other one is what was the first original film that Cody and Reitman did together?

Jeremy Lewis: A two-parter.

Tom Bellen: Yeah, it’s kind of a two-parter.

Jeremy Lewis: Oh, wow. Cool.

Tom Bellen: But, it’s two questions. I don’t think anyone’s answered our previous one about Tin Cup, which is kind of upsetting.

Jeremy Lewis: Where do we tweet that at? I don’t even know.

Tom Bellen: We tweet that out.

Zach Gilbert: @MagHub.

Tom Bellen: @MagHub?

Zach Gilbert: @MagHub.

Tom Bellen: @MagHub.

Jeremy Lewis: You guys should probably follow that.

Tom Bellen: Can you spell MagHub?

Zach Gilbert: M-A-G-H-U-B.

Tom Bellen: That is fantastic.

Jeremy Lewis: Not to be confused with MagHug.

Tom Bellen: No.

Jeremy Lewis: Not M-A-G-H-U-G. Completely different software.

Zach Gilbert: Do not look it up.

Jeremy Lewis: Yeah.

Tom Bellen: No. You can’t say do not look it up because now, immediately, everyone disregarded my question and they’re gonna go look it up. When you say do not look it up, that’s the first thing they’re gonna do.

Jeremy Lewis: Yeah.

Tom Bellen: On that note, I’m angry. We’ve already been going over. Thank everyone for listening. I have to go yell at Zach for just derailing the entire podcast. I really appreciate it. Everyone, look for it. We have 7.0 coming, and then one these days.

Jeremy Lewis: Yeah!

Tom Bellen: You’re gonna see a whole new refresh of the site. Really excited about it. Again, look for 7.0 in a few weeks. Have a happy holiday weekend that’s upcoming and-

Jeremy Lewis: And, we’ll see you at the Forum. We’ll see you at the MagHub Forum in September.

Zach Gilbert: Oh, comes in with the clutch.

Jeremy Lewis: A buy one get one free promotion going on. Email jeremy.lewis@aysling.com and I’ll get you signed up right away. You can tweet me too, if you like, but you’d have to find me on Twitter.

Tom Bellen: Yeah, all through Jeremy.

Jeremy Lewis: Yeah.

Zach Gilbert: Yep.

Tom Bellen: All right, should we close on any other thing we had? We have a new redesign.

Jeremy Lewis:  Sweet.

Tom Bellen: We have any other updates Zach?

Zach Gilbert: Yep.

Tom Bellen: We have the Forum that we’re excited about.

Jeremy Lewis: The Forum’s gonna be sweet.

Tom Bellen: That’s gonna be at the end of September.

Zach Gilbert:  Yep.

Tom Bellen: Where you can golf with me.

Zach Gilbert: Yep.

Jeremy Lewis: And me.

Tom Bellen: And Jeremy.

Zach Gilbert: And Jeremy.

Jeremy Lewis: Yeah.

Tom Bellen: Yeah, that sounds terrible, but anyway, that’s in there.

Jeremy Lewis: Where’s your ticket?

Tom Bellen: Anything else we need? Oh, one last thing for them. We did an in office Catan game and I won. I beat Zach, I beat Joe, I beat Michelle. So, I am the best player in the office in Catan.

Zach Gilbert: True story.

Tom Bellen: There we go. Anything else, gentlemen?

Jeremy Lewis: Someone could challenge you at the Forum maybe and win.

Tom Bellen: Someone could challenge me at the Forum, but that’s not in the office.

Jeremy Lewis: If they want to gouge their eyes out.

Tom Bellen: We can have a Catan match-off.

Jeremy Lewis: When you’re finished with them.

Tom Bellen: That’s not gonna end well, though.

Zach Gilbert: We could have a podcast dedicated to Catan.

Tom Bellen: We could.

Jeremy Lewis: Ooh.

Zach Gilbert: Ooh, that’d be so boring.

Tom Bellen: Since no one else has anything.

Zach Gilbert: Yeah. I will trade your wood for my sheep.

Jeremy Lewis: That sounds horrible. I’ve never played that game. Sounds miserable.

Zach Gilbert: No, it’s great.

Jeremy Lewis: I doubt it.

Tom Bellen: Well, if we did it in voices and you had to be the mayor of your Catan village and name it a certain thing. Oh, hello. Hello. Trade me your sheep for your …

Jeremy Lewis: That’s how your mayor talks?

Tom Bellen: And, on that note.

Jeremy Lewis: Wow.

Tom Bellen: All right, thanks everybody for joining us, and we’ll see you next time.

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