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Tom’s Tips Podcast: Episode 5 – The Big 7.0, Baking, and Old Gregg

Written by Zach Gilbert

Published: 09/13/2018

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Audio Transcript

Guest Announcer: Welcome, everyone, welcome to Tom’s Tips Podcast, your place for obscure movie references, cat facts, and everything MagHub related. And now your host, MagHub product manager, Tom Bellen.

Tom Bellen: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Tom’s Tips Podcast 7.0. MagHub is now seven  year old. That’s not actually true. We have moved to 7.0. That is typical of what we do when we have a bigger release. It affects a lot of parts of the site, which you may have noticed right when you logged in, a redesign, so here, as a guest for Tom’s Tips Podcast, we have our designer. Claire’s in the house. Welcome, Claire, to the podcast.

Claire Berger: Thank you. Good day.

Tom Bellen: Is this your first podcast you’ve ever been on before?

Claire Berger: It is my first podcast ever.

Tom Bellen: That’s great. It’s the podcast I’ve ever tried to do before, so we’re all in this together. Normally at this point is when we would be talking about cats, cat facts and things like that, but this cat fact it Claire’s actually allergic to cats. Is that correct?

Claire Berger: Correct.

Tom Bellen: So you don’t like cats. I don’t like cats, so we’re going to talk about something we both actually. It is actually useful and helpful in the world. It’s a bit about backing because we are both the resident bakers in the office. Claire actually asked for me to make her wedding cake, which might have been a false offer ’cause then she realized the location couldn’t allow me to bake the wedding cake. It’s probably good anyway because I would have been in a lot of pressure. Right now, I guess, Claire, what are you working on in the baking world?

Claire Berger: Right now, I’m working on trying out a few different sourdough starter recipes. So far I’ve only baked a couple round loaves, one braided loaf, but I would like to try to make some sourdough pancakes in the future and possibly some sourdough pretzels.

Tom Bellen: What is the hardest part about the bread making? I don’t do bread. I don’t make a lot of break. I’m more of a sweet guy. What’s the hardest part about the bread side?

Claire Berger: The hardest part about bread is that you have to wait a long, long time before you get to actually eat whatever you’re creating. The process for making one of the sourdough loaves with my starter goes about 24 hours from start to finish. That does not include the time if you don’t have an active starter going. That’s about a week to get a starter even going, and then if your starter isn’t using … or if you’re not using it to bake every couple days, sometimes you had to feed it twice, so it could take up to 48 hours to bake a single loaf of bread.

Tom Bellen: That’s crazy. That’s too much time. That’s why I bake cookies and cakes. But one thing confuses me ’cause the reason I started getting into baking was when I had a newborn and had to just binge watch TV and watch something I didn’t want to scar his mind by watching Marvel or Daredevil or whatever things on Netflix. I started watching The Great British Baking Show and got addicted to it. My man, Paul Hollywood, who I look like his dweebier cousin, not as intimidating or cool – we got the gray hairs looks going – and they always make bread in two hours.

Claire Berger: Yes.

Tom Bellen: I don’t know what they’re doing different, or maybe they have starters made and they just done show that. I don’t know.

Claire Berger: The difference is they’re probably using baker’s yeast instead of sourdough. I noticed on the show once or twice they’ve had a challenge where they have to make sourdough, and I do believe that they let that sit overnight. It’s one of those two-day challenges or cross day challenges. But if you do watch those episodes, also, you normally see Paul Hollywood stick his finger in the loaf of bread and go, “Oh, don’t eat that, Mary. That’s raw.”

Tom Bellen: Yeah. He used to, but then they killed off Mary Berry. Actually, so they had these new hosts because Season Five just came out. Binge watched it, good times, picked some things. Made a curd the other day because they always talk about curds.

Claire Berger: Oh, yeah.

Tom Bellen: And made some show pastry, made that as well. Made some eclairs. But the thing I noticed blew my mind the other day was they made the most British man ever as a co-host. They got rid of Mary Berry, killed her off, and then there were these two women who were also hosts, and now it’s this super British dude and this other woman. They’re actually really good; they’re funny. I was like, recognize this guy. Then in one episode, the term Boosh was mentions. Then the guy goes a Mighty Boosh? And I was, oh my gosh, it’s Dave from Mighty Boosh. Then I was just thinking about Old Gregg. The other day I brought this up in the office talking about Old Gregg, and you were the only one who knew who Old Gregg was.

Claire Berger: Yeah, I know who Old Gregg is.

Tom Bellen: We have to ask Zach, “Have you ever drank Bailey’s from a shoe?

Zach: Yeah… No.

Tom Bellen: No? Any other Old Gregg favorite lines from Old Gregg?

Tom Bellen: Zach is so upset right now because he’s-

Claire Berger: He’s being a fuzzy, little man peach.

Tom Bellen: There you go. Fuzzy, little man peach. Fuzzy, little man peach thing. We’re just a couple scaly, scaly man fish swimming in our waters. But anyway, great show for baking, but what we did here is we baked up … Transition right there … baked up the new stuff for the release.

Tom Bellen: Let’s talk a little about 7.0 release. That is why we’re here. Again, a big part of that was design work. Thanks for Claire working on that, really just trying to modernize the site. The last time we did any update, I think, was actually in our 2.0 version, so a few different … a few years ago with that. Not just making it, obviously, look more modern and clean, but making things more consistent in terms of what lengths look like. There was a big fight in our office about which way arrows should point when opening and closing tables. We resolved that. I think that’s one of those things that we get a lot of people angry about, which maybe made people’s day on how that works. Just those things that when you go to any kind of site, typical things you experience. It looks the same, and it’s clunky.

Tom Bellen: Along with that, again we do more updates to some of our gadgets. We’ve done a lot of work on our gadgetry recently with putting in the gadget tabs, renaming gadgets. We take two of our more popular gadgets, being the monthly sales gadget, your monthly sales, and now if you have a team of three or four people, you can put those individual gadgets right up on your dashboard. You can also break out the gadget in more of a table view and put that up on a public sales dashboard.

Tom Bellen: Did some more things with data integrity. For subscribers coming to your web form, we’ve done a lot of that over the last few releases. If somebody already has an account, just like any other experience, you type that email, get to create a new account, let them know, hey, you already have one, so you’re not duplicating data. If you are merging those records, whether you’re bringing data from historical system or duplicate records get created, you can merge those subscribers without having to worry about losing any of that information. We’ve made some updates with that part as well, took on the platform.

Tom Bellen: We also worked on some automation. Zach and I love our automation. We have automation talks every day. He’s not as much into Old Gregg. He’s not drinking Bailey’s from a shoe like he should be. He doesn’t love me as much, but we do talk automation. Now we can trigger dynamic attributes, so we can do things as if somebody gets flagged with dynamic attribute, we put them on a list or take their lead status and put them through a bunch of different things. Really excited about integrating dynamic attributes with automation. That was a request we’ve had for a while, to do things like that.

Tom Bellen: Again, along with one of those items that had come up a lot of times in just request is those little annoyances, is if I update a company address, well, have the system update all the contact addresses right away. Again, we added that as well, so trying to get the system to behave more like when you do this action, it assumes that you’ll probably want to do this, too, and prompting you to do that. We don’t want to do it actually for you, in case you don’t, but being more helpful. You put the data in there. We want to be helpful with doing that.

Tom Bellen: Again, excited about this release. Looking forward to starting the 7.0 branch and where we go with it before we get to 8.0. Who knows what we’ll be doing for that. Look forward to that. It won’t be for about a year, though, probably, or six to eight months. We’ll see when we decide to flip the number. I never actually understand why. Just all of a sudden we arbitrarily say it’s seven or six. Either way, it’s the new version.

Tom Bellen: But now we need a fact. We need a trivia question, and I don’t think we’ve had anyone answer the trivia questions in a while. Again, if you are listening, go back, listen to your favorite podcasts. I know people listen to them over and over again. Probably not. But you can go back. There is some free gift cards out there. But today, because no one’s answering them, I’m going to go even crazier, more obscure.

Tom Bellen: We’re talking about baking, and I’m going to … there’s … and modern, making something modern with something that’s old, so I don’t know if you guys like Shakespeare, but there’s a movie or the play Titus Andronicus. They made a version of that, with a young Anthony Hopkins, called Titus. They made it in a newer version. Alan Cummings is in it. It’s very family friendly, aka, it’s not family friendly. Do not watch it with a child. One part involves some baking at the end. Something gets in there in the ingredients. Not good, not good for one of the characters who actually is another young actress, and right now you might recognize her from things like American Horror Story. She’s been in that quite a bit, Jessica Lange. Do you watch American Horror Story?

Claire Berger: I do not. No.

Tom Bellen: She is like, she’s probably the nicest person in the world because whenever I find actors or people who acting and they’re just monsters in the show, they’re probably really, really nice people. She is, American Horror Story, this vicious. She was much more pleasant when she won an Academy Award in this delightful film starring opposite her a young Dustin Hoffman. If you can reply with that movie title, going from Titus Andronicus to another T movie that’s far more delightful and actually family friendly, please Tweet at us @MagHub and to get your prize. With that, again Zach, is there anything that you want to talk about beyond baking, beyond Old Gregg, beyond drinking Bailey’s from a shoe, scaly man fish?

Zach: Nope, I think that’s good.

Tom Bellen: That’s it?

Zach: That’s it.

Tom Bellen: Nothing about the Forum?

Zach: No.

Tom Bellen: You always want to talk about the Forum.

Zach: You should come.

Tom Bellen: You should come to the forum in a couple of weeks. We’ll bake you something.

Zach: There you go.

Tom Bellen: And we’ll put on some Mighty Boosh.

Zach: Okay.

Tom Bellen: Alright, and with that, thank you all for joining the podcast, and we’ll see you in September and get ready for our next release in a month.

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